Making A Real Difference


Empowering the Global B1G1 Movement

In 2019, B1G1 is featuring these business leaders as ‘Legacy Makers of the Year’.

Each of the businesses they represent will sponsor and ‘own’ B1G1’s giving space for (at least) one week in the year. By doing so, they’ll enable thousands of impacts created within that week. The Legacy Makers are also the co-authors of the upcoming book “LEGACY - The Sustainable Developement Goals in Action” - a book that illuminates how people and businesses can truly change the way our world evolves.



The Sustainable Developement Goals in Action

Our Legacy Makers are also the authors of the latest “LEGACY - The Sustainable Developement Goals in Action” book to be launched in mid 2019.

This book illuminates how people and businesses can truly change the way our world evolves. It empowers every entrepreneur and business owner to embody the spirit of giving, to adopt impactful strategies and make a great difference by focusing on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

It’s a book that has the what, why and how of creating a business that truly matters.

If you think businesses with a real sense of purpose can change the world and want to take part in transforming the way businesses work, then this book is a must read.


Reo Group

Stella Petrou Concha is co-founder and CEO of fast growing finance management consultancy and recruitment agency, Reo Group. Her mission is to elevate human potential by working with executives to deliver value for their organisations through leadership, strategy and vision.

Stella founded Reo Group in her late twenties and since its conception in 2009, Reo has won many industry awards, including the BRW Fast 100 list. Stella was also recently recognised as one of Australia’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs by My Entrepreneur Magazine. Her mantra “When you succeed, I succeed” is testament to the way she conducts her life.



Steve Pipe is a Chartered Accountant, researcher, best-selling author, dynamic speaker, former UK Entrepreneur of The Year and founder of the Get and Give A Million initiative.

His book “The world’s most inspiring accountants” has been described as a “masterpiece”, “ground-breaking” and “desperately needed”. He has also written “The UK’s best accountancy practices”, “How to build a better business and make more money” and “Stress proof your business and your life”. Significantly, Steve Pipe also worked with his family to produce the “Better business, Better life, Better world” book and contributed a chapter to its sequel, “The Movement”.

One of the early members of the B1G1 community, Steve has created more than 5 million impacts and smiles in the world via the B1G1 giving platform, and is an inspiration to many businesses to do the same. He is also the driving force behind the annual B1G1x Northern Hemisphere conference.

Linda Saddlemire is the principal in charge of the Glendora, CA office for CLA – the 8th largest CPA firm in the United States. She has 36 years of experience in public accounting and was the managing partner/CEO for several years of Vicenti, Lloyd & Stutzman prior to the firm joining CLA in 2017.

Her expertise includes managing hundreds of audits and overseeing investigations of government fraud, public corruption, and other white-collar crimes. Linda holds multiple credentials including Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF), and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

Another focus area and passion for Linda is her commitment and leadership regarding corporate social responsibility and she holds a position on the Board of CLA’s Foundation and the Diversity & Inclusion Council.


The Elevation Company

Heather Yelland is Director of The Elevation Company. She is a leading authority in Values Based Leadership and a respected voice in the international arena of business and corporate innovation, consulting and coaching. Having worked with over 90,000 individuals and businesses worldwide, Heather specialises in growing people.

Heather is a renowned figure in the change leadership, business engagement and values-based leadership development fields, bringing a new architecture to the structure of how we work and the impact it has on individual employee engagement, team innovation, business growth and social impact.

She is also the Founder and Director of the internationally acclaimed Green SuperCamp® Australia programme, providing personal leadership, academic acceleration, environmental awareness and social contribution programmes for children aged 10 to 18 years.

Kirsten Hawke is CEO of Business Buddy Chartered Accountants. The logic and clarity of numbers has always captivated Kirsten; during her teenage years, she thrived in an accounting environment, helping in her mother’s business in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2002, she joined her mother’s accountancy practice and became a chartered accountant the day before her first child was born.

Before long, Kirsten became head honcho and re-branded the company to Business Buddy. She now juggles running around after her teenage children and numerous dogs with the thrill of being an entrepreneur.

Owing to Kirsten’s big heart and desire to do good, the business advisory company is built upon these values – providing experienced support to help clients achieve their goals, creating a workplace that fosters personal growth and giving back to the local and global community.


Pearl Finance Group

Shane Black is a husband to Hong and a father to William. He also has two dogs – Chelsea and Lily. Shane is first and foremost a family man, however, he also runs a financial services business - Pearl Finance Group. He specialises in helping Gen Y business owners accumulate more assets, generate more income, and build a meaningful business and life, all whilst paying less tax. Through Pearl Finance Group, he is also building a proud business for good that makes a meaningful impact on not only his client’s lives, but also the lives of people around the world.

He has an MBA, Master of Applied Finance, Master of Financial Planning, Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning among other qualifications.

Shane is also an ex-police officer and served in the NSW Police Force as a detective for 7 years.


Collins Hume

Peter Fowler and David Keith are Partner and Business Manager of Collins Hume. Recognised as two of Australia’s business leaders, the duo has been awarded multiple national and international business excellence awards. Peter and David help transform businesses with their astute commercial advice, innovation, and growth initiatives that help them to thrive and fast-track business success.

In addition to mentoring altruistic business owners and board members, they also spearhead numerous activities that support local and global causes. They feature in ‘The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants’ and Peter co-authored the Amazon bestseller “Better business, Better life, Better world” in 2016.

Peter and David both strive to be students of purposeful leadership, and hold fast to this belief: “The world is a classroom. Be a student of everything you want to accomplish and commit to taking care of those you love working with, be it your team, your clients or your community.”

Chris Beks is Team Leader & Principal of Ceebeks Business Solutions for GOOD. He’s deeply passionate about his work with families in small businesses and creating a bigger impact together. And like most business owners, he has a life outside of work.

He has a lovely spouse of 20 years, three teenage daughters, a veggie garden, chooks, cats, dogs and a tropical garden that he’s trying to create in a temperate gardening climate zone. He’s a real homebody who enjoys sculpturing with wood, stone and iron and has completed a huge three-wall mosaic for an outdoor shower.

He loves singing, performing arts, is a passionate Blues (AFL) supporter and Washington Wizards (NBA) supporter, has represented Country Victoria at the Australian U20 Basketball Championships, and has ‘tread the boards’ for over a decade with the Warrnambool Theatre Company. And in his spare time he became a qualified fitness and aerobic instructor!

Joshua Ngoma is the Founder and Chief Enabler of Enterprising Africa Regional Network (Pty) Limited (‘EARN’). A mining engineer by profession and a serial business builder, Joshua spent almost half of his mining career and more than a decade building and running mining / mining-related businesses before retiring in 2012. He is now a trainer, business coach and mentor, and uses his business experience to help others achieve similar business successes.

Joshua established EARN with the overriding goal of creating an enabling environment for African entrepreneurs to grow profitable and sustainable businesses that would compete nationally, regionally and internationally. With a focus in Agriculture, Renewables, Technology, and Special Automotive Solutions, EARN aims to work with African young people to identify opportunities that can be developed into successful businesses, so that these youths can earn for themselves instead of waiting for handouts.


Tactical Super

Deanne Firth FCA is Director of Tactical Super, a chartered accounting firm specialising in audit. She is also a Regional Councillor of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Deanne was awarded Auditor of the Year in 2017 and 2018 and SMSF Audit Firm of the Year in 2018 by SMSF Adviser.

Besides being an audit specialist, Deanne is the Director of Effective PD, a professional development company where she presents on taxation and superannuation. She is also a board member of B1G1 Giving and plays a vital role in assessing charities wanting to be added to the approved list of B1G1 Worthy Causes.

Deanne is also one of the authors of the international best-selling book “Better Business, Better Life, Better World: The Movement” and is writing a book on “Effective Giving: How to do the Most Good” as part of her not-for-profit organisation Auditing For Good.


The Exponential

Monty MG Hooke is a serial entrepreneur and business mentor from Australia. Having had his first business at only 8 years old, Monty has had a lifetime of experience understanding what it takes for small businesses to scale.

Residing in Manila, Philippines, Monty is now on his newest venture The Exponential, a business consulting and offshore staffing company. The Exponential enables SMEs to scale globally by building their teams, systems and technology, with a focus on empowering clients and partners to use their success as a force for positive impact in the world.

With his extensive knowledge and experience in business, Monty is a sought-after speaker and educator. He also serves on the boards of several companies globally as a trusted advisor.


21st Century Podiatry

Karen Longwith is founder and Director of 21st Century Podiatry, a full-scale podiatry clinic that utilises state-of-the-art technology to provide non-surgical, pain-free, and effective nail, toe and foot treatments.

Karen first learnt about the lack of effective treatments for a variety of foot conditions when her mother suffered complications arising from fungal nail infections and eventually underwent a double-amputation process, losing her left leg at the knee. In Karen’s search for a treatment that offered >90% success for this condition, her first business, Eliminaser – which relied on a patented laser treatment method – was born. Karen has since expanded her offerings, treated countless conditions and transformed many lives.

One of Karen’s fundamental operating principles is giving to the community – both locally and globally.

Karina Grassy is the owner of Slumbersac, producer and seller of high-quality sleeping bags, sleepwear and other baby goods around the world. Her journey started after her daughter’s birth in 2008, when Karina saw a gap in the baby market and the potential for the Slumbersac brand. Karina’s love for the products led her to begin her own business as distributor for Slumbersac in Germany. In 2012, Karina bought Slumbersac and has since grown the brand globally, increasing sales from £500k to £7M in just 7 years. This has been accompanied by stunning levels of generous giving too.

Prior to running Slumbersac, Karina has had a wealth of experience in growing large corporates. Notably, Karina was one of the first five employees of Starbucks in Germany and was responsible for opening 100 stores throughout the country. She also played a vital role in Nike’s E-Commerce program in the continent during her stint in Nike Europe.

Stacey Kehoe is founder of digital agency Brandlective Communications Ltd, owner of the Six-Step Digital Marketing Methodology, and author of ‘Get Online: 6 simple steps to launching a digital marketing strategy for the non-tech savvy’. She is also a podcast host and editor of the SME marketing magazine The Vault, which has gained her media recognition and award nominations.

Since establishing Brandlective in 2012, Stacey has built over 500 websites, brands, and marketing campaigns. Stacey’s vision is that those with an entrepreneurial spirit should have the resources to rise above the noise, stand out from the crowd, and show their audience who they really are. These beliefs tie in with her commitment to equality.

Stacey is leading a movement called #1MillionDays: an initiative to reduce inequality through social, economic, and political inclusion of all people.


SMM International

Christopher Wick is Founder of SMM International, an international award-winning social media marketing firm.

Since 2013, Christopher and the SMM team has helped over 200 companies get found online, generate leads, engage their customers, and grow their bottom line – simply by using social media! SMM International was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in 2015 and was awarded as having the most measurable community impact in North America in 2017.

Christopher is also a sought-after speaker and one of the authors of the international best-selling book “Better Business, Better Life, Better World: The Movement”.


Chiropractic Works

Dr Gary Tho is a chiropractor, author, speaker, ex-National Australian badminton player, and father of two. He is the founder of ChiroWorks, a pain relief and peak performance clinic. His clients include world champion athletes, busy executives and super mums and dads. Dr Gary has conducted over 600 speaking engagements and workshops. His book, “The Pain-Free Desk Warrior: Free Yourself From Aches and Pains” teaches those stuck at their desk how to live pain-free.

Suffering from ankle, knee, shoulder, and lower back injuries as an elite athlete and father, Dr Gary understands the mental and physical toll that pain creates. He designed a 3-Step Freedom System that gets you pain-free for life: (1) RELIEVING tension, aches and pains, (2) REALIGNING the body and rewiring you for optimal functioning, and finally, (3) ensuring that you RETAIN your health and vibrancy through simple routines so that you can feel great regardless of your lifestyle.


Rebel and Soul

Kristy Castleton is the Founder of Rebel & Soul, a socially conscious, multi-award winning brand experience agency that applies a proprietary neuroscience methodology called INVOLVE to create highly memorable experiences. Her vision is to drive experiences to be the new frontier of marketing in Asia.

Kristy is both the rebel and the soul. She incorporates her passion for neuromarketing, technology, parties, and new experiences, in the work that she does every day. Kristy has also been featured in Campaign Asia’s Women to Watch list and was recently awarded the coveted Women’s Leadership Award from CMO Asia.


Ethical Hour

Sian Conway is the founder of Ethical Hour, the world’s first and largest support network for people who want to live and work more ethically.

Sian’s down to earth, ‘one step at a time’ approach to sustainability resonates with many ethical consumers and business owners. What began as a blog of Sian’s journey with ethical living has now evolved into a strategic marketing consultancy offering and mentorship to ethical businesses. She has since worked with hundreds of brands aligned across all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sian was also named the UK’s Green and Eco Influencer of the Year in 2018.

Dr Andrew Bachour is a dentist practicing in Brisbane, Australia. He has a passion for health, life and knowledge. With interests in sleep, nutritional and environmental medicine, Dr Andrew likes to think outside the box and is passionate about getting to the origins of problems rather than treating their downstream symptoms. His ideal future consists of a world living in harmony with the environment and one where all fields of healthcare are bridged with a primary focus on health.

In his spare time, Dr Andrew has a love for astronomy and philosophy. Alongside B1G1, Dr Andrew and his team are creating smiles all over the world.


Aspect Legal

Joanna Oakey heads up the commercial legal practice Aspect Legal. She is also Director of the online training directory Courses.com.au Group and a sought-after trainer on various legal issues.

A commercial lawyer with a passion for business, Joanna has held directorships in a range of business industries including legal, accounting, finance and technology, and has developed a unique insight – blending the business and legal perspectives – into the most common business risks and how successful businesses manage them.

Joanna is also the host of 2 of the top legal podcasts in Australia, Talking Law & The Deal Room.


Spirit Level Success Ltd

Bernadette Sarginson is a former Lawyer turned Empowerment Coach & Mentor. Working in a bespoke and unique way, she brings a powerful mixture of life experience, intuitive wisdom, education and coaching to her work to enable her clients to raise their game both personally and professionally. She has coached and mentored hundreds of individuals and groups through long-term change management, self-awareness and personal development.

Bernadette is also the creator of Spirit Level Success™ System and the author of self-help book ‘Climb Your S.T.A.I.R.™ of Self-Confidence’.

Harvee is a 4x Author, TEDx speaker and co-founder of Inspire – Life Changing Accountants. His latest book CASHED UP outlines the 7 step method to pull more money, time and happiness from your business, enabling business owners to HAVE MORE, so they can LIVE MORE & GIVE MORE.

Harvee and his team are on a mission to become Australia’s Most Impactful Accounting Firm by giving 1 Billion Days of access to Food, Water, Health and Sanitation by 2030 – a day of life-changing help for every dollar of tax they proactively save for their Business for Good clients.

Brian Keen is co-founder of Franchise Simply, a cloud-based consulting and training company that helps people franchise their own business simply, successfully and cost-effectively.

Prior to that, Brian lived and ran several businesses in Malawi for many years. After he relocated to Australia and was unable to find a suitable charity to help those he worked among in Malawi, he also founded MicroLoan Foundation Australia in 2009 – a charity that supplies loans and training to people in Malawi and the neighbouring countries to build a future through business.

Brian’s passion and belief in business as a force for good is apparent through both his ventures.

Alexander Inchbald specialises in purpose, creativity and innovation. He paints in extreme locations all over the world to explore what it takes to be creative everywhere. With his partners, he then uses these insights to elevate leaders, their teams and organisations to rediscover their true nature, often in the world’s most inspiring locations.

Alexander is also the author of #Balance, the founder of The (artist) inside, a partner of Ashoka, and a Master Trainer at the Entrepreneur’s Institute. He also works with the Presencing Institute’s S-Lab to use art to reconnect communities. He lives in France with his beautiful wife and two wonderful children, Sasha and Daniel.


The Grow CFO Co.

Deborah Harris is Founder of the Grow CFO Co., a company that specialises in developing the financial capabilities of purpose-driven businesses, and Founder of Grow Events, a firm that delivers education to business owners to enable their business to thrive and succeed.

The driving force behind Deborah’s work is her belief that businesses that are committed to solving the world’s biggest problems deserve all the support to help them achieve their goals. Her sharp number sense, strategic thinking, and quirky sense of humour allow her to do so effectively.

Deborah is also a grateful mother of five young adults and shares her business and life journey with husband Jeremy.


Cura Integrative Medicine

Shannon first learnt of and became intrigued by the power of natural medicines when he experienced a miraculously fast recovery from a persistent illness after taking a mixture from a herbalist.

That the power of natural medicines were not widely known or even offered by the current medicine system left him thinking how he could connect more people with this natural wisdom and better health. After many years of exploring and studying, Shannon graduated as a clinical naturopath and medical herbalist and founded his clinic, Cura Integrative Medicine, in Perth. He now runs his busy natural therapy wellness centre helping patients heal naturally from a wide range of health challenges.

Mathew is an Amazon best-selling co-author, international speaker, entrepreneur, award-winning marine scientist, educator, mentor and thought leader. He is also the founder of Australian Coastal and Marine Ecology Environmental Consultancy, and Coastal Protection Core, both based in Scarborough, Queensland.

Mathew is an inspiration to youth and university students across the globe for the incredible innovations he has made in marine science. His awards are also testament to that: in 2017, Mathew won the University of the Sunshine Coast Alumni of the Year Award for his work on ecological and environmental management within the Moreton Bay region. His company Coastal Protection Core also won the Moreton Bay Unitywater Innovation Award in the same year.


Chats Dental

Dr Catherine Yang is a happy dentist. Her passion in helping people to enjoy life with good health has made her an expert in the evaluation, planning and development of health and well-being.

Undertaking a transformational journey since arriving in Australia in 1991 with limited English, Dr Yang successfully graduated from the University of Sydney with the First Prize GC Australia Research Award in 1999. She then served many communities in Sydney as an associate dentist for 14 years before she founded Chats Dental in 2013, where she established a practice that created meaningful impacts in the world through the power of giving.

Dr Yang is also launching her own book “S.T.E.P. on fear” soon.

Natalie Jameson is Founder and CEO of The Heroworx Institute, H.I.School for Legacy Leaders. She started Heroworx after she was inspired by the possibilities of tackling the underrepresentation of women and minority groups. She believes there is magic at the intersection of women’s education, empowerment, and digital innovation in enterprise. As a passionate educator, innovator, and Design Thinker, her central question is: “What if business practitioners all thought like human-centred designers? Would our approach to work and life be purposefully diverse, creative and connected to humanity and the planet for meaningful innovation and sustainable industrial development?”

A visionary entrepreneur and passionate philanthropist, Susie Hutchison blends her flair for commerce with her love of humanity through projects that focus on equipping young social entrepreneurs in emerging economies with the skills, experience and inspiration to thrive and to positively impact their communities.

Susie relishes her role on the board of global charities and the Executive Director of a leading travel technology business, but is just as happy rustling up a gourmet meal, mentoring an indigenous Australian entrepreneur or travelling the world, mainly to Nepal, to contribute to worthy causes and high-impact projects.


iBusiness Coach Ltd

Pam Featherstone is a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm. Not only has she been running successful businesses since she was 17, her list of activities outside of work is huge. However, Pam has learnt the hard way that maintaining the work-life balance takes effort and discipline.

Having a deep understanding of the challenges of owning a business and passionate about sharing her knowledge with others, Pam now dedicates her time in helping other business owners build achieve their business goals and improve their work-life balance. Her energetic approach also inspires their self-belief and motivates them into action.



Richard Flanagan is a passionate creator and award-winning entrepreneur who has founded 6 businesses since the age of 20. His driving passion is to make products and services that delight.

His latest venture TShirtify uses tech and AI to power platforms and merchandise, enabling creators, influencers, and independent brands to carry their messages to consumers powerfully. By ‘levelling up’ their influence and connection, TShirtify empowers its clients to change the world, one T-Shirt at a time.

Richard is also a Prince’s Trust mentor and creates and runs enterprise programmes in schools in the UK to encourage creative thought and young entrepreneurship with the Global Goals at the core.


ActionCOACH Team Sage

Douglas Barra is COO and co-owner of ActionCOACH Team Sage. After a successful career in Software Consulting and a stint in Corporate America, Doug ventured out to build a custom programming and website design company, before diving into the world of business coaching.

With over 10 years of experience as a business coach, and certified by the International Business Coaching Institute, Doug has helped hundreds of business owners to achieve success. Doug believes that it takes immense courage to be a business owner, and that courage should be rewarded with the time, money and freedom that all business owners go into business for.


DP Dental

Louisa and Weng Cheu purchased and started managing DP Dental in 2006. What started as a small practice has since grown to a six-chair, fully-integrated practice, complete with some of the most cutting-edge technology and knowledge in dentistry, and a team of close to 30 people today. Their innovative approach to healthcare was also recognised in 2017 when the pair received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Singapore.

The couple has also been working in close partnership with B1G1 since 2010, in line with their firm belief that all businesses should be involved in the Business of Giving.


Knox Audiology

Helen Campbell is CEO at Knox Audiology, a company with a passion to help people hear brilliantly. Beyond providing its patients with the highest quality fittings and assessments, she embeds a simple but powerful giving concept into her business through B1G1: every time someone does business at Knox Audiology, it automatically makes a difference to the lives of those less fortunate.

Helen also speaks frequently at small business events about creating a happier and more connected world and about the joy that she has found through understanding her WHY and putting that into her business.



Jeannie and Paul McGillivray co-founded Remote, a custom software development company in 1999. Remote focuses on helping purpose-driven organisations make a greater positive impact in the world – increasing engagement, driving innovation, productivity and sustainable profitability for their clients’ businesses.

Alongside Remote, the couple also co-founded Code Assembly and the Incoder platform. Both these organisations excel at automating systems that free people to work within their individual talents and to do the work they were born to do.

Jeannie and Paul are also hosts of the ‘Change Maker Mindset’ podcast and ‘Purpose First’ podcast respectively, and are publishing books of the same names in 2019 in addition to co-authoring the LEGACY Book.

Cheryl Angela is a harpist/vocalist, therapeutic harp practitioner, harp and vocal instructor and composer.

Her practiced skill and heartfelt devotion to her music truly brings the harp to life. In addition to producing great music for a variety of events, Cheryl also combines sound and energy healing with life coaching programs that teach people how to manage their energy to recreate and transform any area of their lives.

Cheryl also specializes in the therapeutic harp for those in need of stress relief, pain management, healing, rehabilitation or comfort.


90Degrees Global

Craig Doyle is the Co-Founder and Director of 90Degrees Global. 90Degrees Global delivers transformational programs (including the legendary Money & You program) for business owners and leaders across Australia and New Zealand.

A serial entrepreneur across multiple industries, Craig is focused on realising his vision of building a $100M global enterprise while bringing transformation to all who participate in 90Degrees' programs. 90Degrees is also a committed B1G1 Champion.

His work and life is now focused on answering Buckminster Fuller's profound question: "How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone?"


ActionCOACH Team Sage

Jody Ann Johnson is co-owner of the ActionCOACH Team Sage. Together with her partner, Douglas Barra, Jody established the vision for her team – transforming the economic landscape of South Florida – and has devoted her time, energy, and passion to working with local business owners to help them prosper.

Jody is consistently ranked in the top 10% of coaches within the ActionCOACH community and is a Fellow at the International Business Coaching Institute.

Outside of work, she mentors young women and helps non-profits grow the business aspect of their cause through ActionCOACH’s philanthropic arm Coaching for a Cause.


Royal Britannia Education Group

Dr Hanan was born and raised in Kuwait to an Irish mother and a Kuwaiti father. She has a PhD (Education) from Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, a Master of Science (Education) from Edinburgh University, and a Master’s degree (Philosophy) from Oxford Brooks University.

Dr Hanan is the only individual from the private sector who sits on Kuwait’s Executive Supreme Education Council; she uses her influence and expertise to improve educational outcomes across the country.

She is also involved in several Advisory Boards including for the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, Kuwait’s Executive Supreme Education Council and the Kuwait National UNDP Report, allowing her to make an impact on a variety of issues – humanitarian work, gender equality, healthcare, politics, and economics.


THRIVE Foundation

Russell G Byrne is a husband, father, entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of the multi award-winning non-profit group Education Consortium (EC) and The THRIVE Foundation. EC exists to upgrade education levels and consequent skills for children in need. It provides creative, inspirational and empowering educational solutions for each individual child during their learning journey.

With over 27 years of experience gained from the education, retail and financial services sectors, Russell has served as a trusted C-level executive, management consultant, educator and a ‘change agent’. He is a Fellow with the world’s leading professional management bodies and a recognised scholarly professional on a heuristic, life-long journey of discovery.

Jamie Selby is a proud Dad, Husband, international best selling co-author, Chartered Accountant, Entrepreneur, BlockChain Enthusiast, Investor, Qualified Marketing specialist, Speaker, ex-owner of an award winning accountancy practice, and a continual giver who is driven to make a difference in the world through the use of technology and the global B1G1 movement to help inspire the small business community.

Jamie is especially grateful to his wife, whom he gives credit to for being his rock, a fantastic mother, and who shares his passion to make the world a better place.

Ben Walker founded Inspire CA at 23 with a borrowed printer, a laptop and a simple idea: “What if, instead of just doing tax and reporting on history, accountants could give game-changing advice that could help people write a better future?”

Four years on, Inspire has been showcased as a global example of what an accounting firm should be, thanks to Ben’s disruptive approach to throwing out timesheets and other ‘old school’ concepts, and his firm belief that accountants change lives.

He is a winner of the coveted Anthill Online 30under30 award for 2014, was named a finalist in the Brisbane Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards and has been featured in many publications including the Courier Mail and B Mag.



Dr Catherine Yang is a happy dentist. Her passion in helping people to enjoy life with good health has made her an expert in the evaluation, planning and development of health and well-being.

Undertaking a transformational journey since arriving in Australia in 1991 with limited English, Dr Yang successfully graduated from the University of Sydney with the First Prize GC Australia Research Award in 1999. She then served many communities in Sydney as an associate dentist for 14 years before she founded Chats Dental in 2013, where she established a practice that created meaningful impacts in the world through the power of giving.

Dr Yang is also launching her own book “S.T.E.P. on fear” soon.