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10 Ways to Increase Your Step Count

This Joy of Giving Week (JOGW), a child in Cambodia receives a year access to a bicycle for every 80,000 steps you take! Afraid you might not be able to hit that target? Fear not! Here’re 10 simple tips you can incorporate into your daily life to increase your step count during this week.



1. Move your legs while brushing your teeth

1 toothbrush
Start your day right by marching on the spot while you brush your teeth. Be sure to tag your phone in your pockets while you’re doing so.

2. Avoid using people movers (elevators/escalators/electric scooter)

2 escalators
People-movers kill the steps. Avoid people movers such as elevators/escalators and even electric scooters when travelling from one destination to another. Make every step count!

3. Hydrate yourself excessively

3 drink water
Not only is drinking water a healthy habit to adopt, hydrating yourself also translates to more frequent trips to the toilet or water cooler for refills.

4. Creative juices flow better when you’re on your feet

4 talking on phone
Pace yourself when talking on the phone / thinking of an issue/ solving complex problem. Creative juices tend to flow better when you have your adrenaline rush.

5. E(xercise)-mail

5 email
Walk over to the person you have to talk to instead of sending an email or dropping a text.

6. Destination (-1) or T-1

6 busstop
Get off 1 stop earlier from your train or bus journey to cover the extra miles while saving your wallet some transportation cost.

7. Park further away from your destination

7 parking lot
Look for the furthest parking lot away from the exit so you will have no choice but to clock more steps to get to your destination.

8. Unwind with Window Shopping

8 shopping
Give yourself a good excuse to do some window shopping and clock some steps on your pedometer.

9. Taking the extra walk

9 grocery shopping
Walk through all the aisles while doing your grocery shopping. This is also a good tip to prevent impulse buying.

10. Don’t be so efficient! 

10 groceries
Carrying the groceries in a single trip saves time, but if carrying them in two or more trips can help you increase your step count, why not?

Most importantly, remember to carry your step counter everywhere you go! Comment below if you have more tips for us.

Have fun JOG-ing during JOG Week, and remember to share the Joy of Giving! (: