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B1G1 Thank You: 2019 In Review

As we come to the end of 2019, we want to express our gratitude for your support for the B1G1 Movement.

As a way of doing that, we thought you’d like to share in some of the milestones, impacts and highlights we shared in 2019. As you go through the list, do be sure to scroll down to the bottom to see the latest B1G1 opportunities to celebrate the giving month and welcome the 2020 too.

197 million impacts to date (nearly 200!) 

In 2019, the B1G1 Community has created 27,964,907 impacts. 

This year, the giving by our members went to a more diversified list of projects than ever before. Many new projects were brought into the B1G1 Project List because of the changing trend in global issues as well. Here are some highlights for you.


16,938 days of access to a warm blanket and 24,226 days of access to warm clothing. 

Winter is becoming colder in many parts of the world. One warm blanket or one warm jacket can transform the life of a child in those cold winter days.

375,781 days of success to transportation and 45,904 days of access to lighting / solar lamp.

Even if access to education is available, some children drop out of school because they have no means of getting to school every day. Giving access to transportation like bicycles changes this. And a solar lamp lets a student complete homework at night.

2,516,739 days of access to enhanced education and 341,552 learning tools.

We all agree that access to quality education is a right that should be available for every child. But in reality, that is not the case. Adding extra resources and facility to schools makes a whole world of difference.

42,927 trees were planted, and 213 kg of coastal plastic trash was removed.

Projects like tree planting became more and more in demand in B1G1. Some of these tree-planting projects also support income generation for families too. And a brand new project to remove coastal trash is now gaining enthusiastic support.


In 2019, the B1G1 Community has seen many great developments.

We cannot thank you enough for your support and participation in many of the wonderful things that happened in 2019. Here are some of the highlights.


The Impact World Tour

We started the year with the tour around the world – we continued the Australian and UK ‘legs’ with many cities in the US and we also extended our path to Lithuania and connected with some very special people.

180 Million Impact Milestone

We celebrated this special milestone in May. Thank you for the fantastic giving!

Striving to Become a Better Business

B1G1 as a social enterprise received a special ‘Sustainable Business Award’ for the second time. We’re committed to continuously improve the way we do what we do.

LEGACY Book Launch

B1G1’s third collaborative book, LEGACY, hit the Amazon Bestseller list in July 2019. With 52 Changemakers including aspiring B1G1 Members and global leaders like Paul Polman (the former CEO of Unilever and the SDG Ambassador), LEGACY is a book packed with impactful insights and inspiring stories.

B1G1x – the Member-Curated Conferences

B1G1x events are back this year, being established as a 2-day conference packed with great speakers, interactive mastermind and fantastic connections. We were blown away by the way our Members in many parts of the world stepped up to create a greater good.

B1G1 City Tribes + Partnerships with Great Business Networks

Now, you can join the city networking event in Melbourne every other month, thanks to the volunteers working together to run these new events. We are excited to bring these events to your city too. And now B1G1 has some great partnering Networks with special B1G1 Hives that you might want to join. Please stay tuned.


These are the opportunities you can engage in to maximise your impact.

B1G1 Christmas Bundle

If you haven’t got the amazingly creative and impactful 12 Days of Christmas special bundle, do make sure to have a look at this specially packaged gift you can give to your team, customers and family members as a gift. You can also share the special gift in a creative way as one Member did to do just that.

A Family Getaway to Hanoi: B1G1 Global Conference, July 2020

We’ve made the upcoming B1G1 Global Conference super-family-friendly by curating a special child ticket – we’re calling it ‘Kids on a Mission’. It’s a 2.5-day program taking a group of B1G1 Kids on various missions to learn the Vietnamese culture and explore how they can make a difference. Check out the ticket option here.

Follow the B1G1 Worthy Cause Project Updates

You can now join the special public group featuring many of the B1G1 Worthy Causes and their regular updates. By opting in to this group, you get to receive the timely first-hand updates from some of the Worthy Causes whose projects you have supported. Join the group now.

There are so many more things we want to share with you — so many reasons we want to thank you.

And most importantly, we want to wish you a very special giving month filled with joy, with love, with gratitude and with great aspirations for the coming year.

Masami Sato, Paul Dunn, and the entire B1G1 Team

About Masami Sato

Masami is the founder and CEO of B1G1. Despite being small, she is the guiding light behind almost every project in B1G1, from IT design to project management to guiding the culture! She is also one of the most humble and inspiring people you’ll ever meet.