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Coaching, Hair and Giving

This week, Jeremy Britton, an early booster of the B1G1 program for business, shares his giving story – and how his wife Yvie did the same.

“So many children go to school and feel like they don’t fit in. These ‘square pegs’ may very well be our future entrepreneurs, inventors and world-changers! I started several successful businesses at 19, and now I coach others to do the same at whatever age, whatever their stage in life.”

Jeremy was fortunate enough to find another ‘square peg’ in his wife Yvie, who grew up in Zimbabwe and came to Australia to study accounting. After realising that her economic studies didn’t align with her creative talents, Yvie quit accounting to focus on creative hairstyles, starting Yvie Inc. as a home-based lifestyle business.

Yvie grew up in a landlocked country, had never been in a boat and did not see the ocean until she was 19.

Raised in a country with undrinkable water, water shortages and problematic plumbing, the namesake of Yvie Inc. now provides fresh drinking water through B1G1 to an entire class of children with every new client, sometimes impacting up to 1000 children in a single day!


Jeremy Britton from 24hour Wealth Coach and his wife, Yivie

As for Jeremy, he owns the company 24HourWealthCoach, where he provides business coaching for clients in Australia and six other countries.

Every month when a 24HourWealthCoach client receives business coaching, classrooms full of children in Zimbabwe receive education and entrepreneurial training. These children are taught to speak English, which helps them to break free of the insular local labour market, enabling them to take advantage of more lucrative opportunities in the global workforce and international business. School students are also trained to create sustainable business, such as growing marketable produce during school hours.

As a matter of fact, Jeremy and Yvie have had an impact on over 150,000 recipients through their participation in B1G1 this year alone.

And that leads to more B1G1 Business Partners helping to find those square pegs out there and change their lives for good too.