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Mouth-watering Giving – A Cafe that Gives

You walk in. You pick up the brilliantly designed menu. And you read:

Please place your order at the counter, then sit back while we prepare it with love + inspiration.

These are not just some fancy words on a menu. At the Una Vita café in the Brisbane suburb of Banyo, they’re words to live by.

Una Vita (meaning ‘One Life’ in Italian) is a café born out of the desire by relationship specialist and award winning speaker Bruce Sullivan to continually inspire people to be all they can be…even while sipping a latte!

bruce una vitaA proven performer in achieving results through people for over 24 years, it’s been a long time between cafés for the man who managed his own businesses since his teens and established a million-dollar network of businesses by age 24.

So why the leap back into the hospitality industry?

“Simply,” says Bruce “to offer a unique, uplifting and connecting experience in a world where such things can be hard to find.”

Una Vita is more than just beautiful coffee and excellent food. It brings an experience where the individual is refreshed and encouraged, challenged and inspired – an experience which inspires others to live their ‘One Life’.

Bruce was himself inspired when first introduced to B1G1.

“It was the perfect fit with our vision for Una Vita. Giving back is a part of everything I do and B1G1 makes the process a simple, pleasurable process. It also involves everyone from the café to the customer. People can enjoy dining at Una Vita knowing that with each sip and each bite, they’re helping people and communities locally and across the other side of the world. That’s a wonderful feeling.”

The café also sought out a coffee supplier that could deliver ‘ethical’ beans so customers could drink up, knowing that their coffee was not only bought at a fair price, but that whole communities would benefit. Di Bella Coffee’s ‘Crop to Cup’ program was the ideal match.

Through B1G1, every time a coffee is bought at Una Vita, 100 people receive access to clean water for a day. But it doesn’t stop there. With every meal, Una Vita provides health support for one child for a month.

Rather than just select one charity to support, with the help of B1G1, Una Vita will give money from each purchase to a different worthy cause every month.

“As well,” Bruce added, “all donations to the ‘give jar’ on the counter will go directly to each month’s worthy cause. Each small coin adds up and can make a profound difference in the lives of others. Life no longer is about just making a profit or being paid. It is about the value we can create to benefit the world.”

This is truly embedding the giving and connecting isn’t it? You’ll find Una Vita at 15/14 Ashtan Place, Banyo, Queensland. And you can call them to make sure you get in on +61 7 3326

Now here’s a thought to ponder over your next coffee (wherever you’re having it!) “what would happen in our world if every cafe gave back like this?‘ And here’s another thought too, ‘what can I do to make sure my local coffee shop gets the giving too?’ And maybe a good answer to that is simply to point them to this blog or just get them to visit — spreading the word is GREAT! Thank you in advance for doing it.


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