Now you can become part of the B1G1 Business for Good Movement.

B1G1 creates Giving Businesses — businesses that transform themselves AND our world by embedding giving into the heart of their business processes.

As a B1G1 Guest, you experience what being a part of that feels like.

When it feels great for you (as we think it will), you’ll want to join this rapidly growing Movement of forward-thinking business owners running businesses that really matter as an official B1G1: Business for Good Member.

Here’s a thought for you … just imagine you could change lives just by doing what you do every day.

Now you can.

Enjoy the journey … it’s an amazing one to be on.



Your temporary* B1G1 Guest account has just been set up for you. Please check that you received your welcome/login email from [email protected]  (and let us know if you didn’t!).

Begin your journey now.

*Your temporary account will last for 17 days. You can choose to join us (and thousands of business owners around the world) as an official B1G1 member at any time during this period.


What is B1G1?

B1G1: Business for Good is the global business giving initiative that enables businesses around the world to give and make a difference every day in meaningful ways. Our goal is to create hundreds of thousands of Giving Businesses and many millions of giving impacts around the world.

Learn more about B1G1 on our homepage:

Already, B1G1 members around the world have created more than 130 million giving impacts. You’ll be adding to that just by being a part of this Guest program.

What is B1G1 Guest about?

The B1G1 Guest program allows you to experience what it’s like being a part of the B1G1 Business for Good movement for 17 days.

You receive a guest account that allows you to log-in to your very own giving dashboard. From there, you can start giving to the hundreds of different projects available on B1G1, track the impacts created from your giving, and so much more.

A specially created giving roadmap guides you through experiencing the most out of your B1G1 Guest journey during these 17 days, so that you truly become a Business for Good from this journey.

If at any time you feel great about the B1G1 movement and would like to become an official member, you can simply upgrade your account.

How long is the temporary B1G1 Guest Account valid for?
17 days – but we’re confident that you’ll be able to ‘get it’ within 2-3 days (or hours!) once you log in and create your first giving impact. We’re happy to reach out to you as quickly as 24 hours after you start the Guest program too.
When can I become an official B1G1 Member?
If you feel really great about B1G1 and know that this is the movement for you, you can upgrade to become an official B1G1 member at any point in time. In fact, you can even jump onboard right now!