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B1G1 Member Update – August ’16

Here’s your update for August

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And when you’ve watched it, here are some actions for you to take:

1. Take a look at the Business for Good Conference overview and access the video interview with Simon Sinek and Daniel Flynn

2. Visit the B1G1 Study Tour Registration page

3. Watch the B1G1 Milestone video to celebrate the collective impacts (feel free to share it)

And just one more thing… Register on the upcoming B1G1 Connect Plus web event:

B1G1 Connect Plus Session1 (Australia, UK, Singapore)
B1G1 Connect Plus Session 2 (North and South America)

I know you’ll love what you discover on the video.

Thank you for watching it, thank you for acting on it and thank you for being a part of B1G1 too.

We look forward to connecting with you on the B1G1 Connect Plus event!


Paul Dunn & The B1G1 Team