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June ’17 – The Messiest Update Ever

Yes, it really is a ‘messy’ update.

You’ll see exactly why when you watch.

And when you watch, you’ll see for the first time some of the people who make it all happen too.

One person you’ll miss is Jeffrey Teo — he had to go home just before we filmed the video.

And I completely forgot to mention the massive thing that Jeffrey’s been doing masterminding the new B1G1 Impact Now App. If you’ve already got it, you’ll notice it’s just been automatically updated with some brand new even-easier-to-use ideas.

And if you haven’t yet got it, you’re really missing out on something very cool that makes giving even easier (and opens up PERSONAL GIVING too). Do jump up on GooglePlay or on the AppStore — you’ll love it too.

So, there you have it …. the messiest update yet with lots of insights for you. Hope you like it — do let us know.

More next month. Enjoy the rest of this one.


With gratitude,

Paul Dunn & The B1G1 Team