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B1G1 featured in Forbes Russia

Buy1Give1, or simply B1G1, – it is a charitable payment terminal on the Internet. The platform was created in 2007 to join the online representation of the world’s charities in one place and thus make the process of making donations easy and understandable.

Suppose you woke up with a desire to commit a good deed. You go to the website where you appear before long, but intelligible list, each item is accompanied by a description of a good purpose, the desired amount and click donate, that is “sacrifice.” Strange but true: only one cent (about thirty cents) in Uganda provides a human drinking water throughout the day, two – a day access to toilet and soul into Malawi or fertilizer for the garden in India, and for 3 cents taken under the care of your tree will receive the necessary care for a year. You can give your child examined by a physician, to provide school chalk, to pay a patch to the teacher to give a brick to build a house, take the patronage of the old, disabled hectare of rainforest.

Buy1Give1 ensure that your donation will reach the destination (ie a specific charity) in full. From the statistics on the site that most people donate to drinking water and shelter as well as, for example, that the money donors have been planted 944 trees and saved 57,162 square meters rain forest.