If you are a B1G1 Business Member and want to inspire many others to join the initiative, this is the program for you.

Apply to become a B1G1 Champion today (at a nominal cost of US$160 for a one off set up) and receive…


Unique Referral Code

Those who join using your unique referral code will be linked to you automatically and you will both receive special giving credits (USD$20 each). You can share your code by email, social posts or through your own presentations.

Extra Resources

Once you have the Champion status, you will find some extra resources on your account such as a range of videos you can share, images you can use and a template to create and print your own Champion referral cards.


Additional Giving

Each Champion Program sign-up also includes a special gift of giving – one disadvantaged child in Cambodia will be given access to a fun school playground for the entire year. You can make a difference while creating many more giving businesses.

Who should become a B1G1 Champion?

If you love B1G1 and want to champion the giving spirit, you can become a B1G1 Champion and spread the word more effectively. Imagine creating many more giving businesses by sharing your belief. It’s a great way to leverage your influence to create even more positive impacts in the world. There is no condition to become a champion as long as you are an actively contributing B1G1 Member.

What is expected of a B1G1 Champion?

As a B1G1 Champion, you can talk about B1G1 whenever you meet other business owners and leaders. It can be when you have a coffee meeting, when you present to a group, when you write a book, when you post on Social Media… You can share your own Champion link with others and make it easy for them to join. Your Champion link is accessible from your B1G1 account once it’s set up. And you can even create your own Champion referral cards too. Please let us know if you need help finding it.

Can I become a B1G1 Champion if I’m not a B1G1 Business Member?
Normally, the B1G1 Champion Program is only available for B1G1 Business Members. If you are not a business owner, you can still spread the word by mentioning the B1G1 initiative to your local businesses and friends who are business owners. If you are in a position of great influence (for example, you are a celebrity) and you want to use your influence to inspire businesses to join B1G1, please contact us for more information about ambassador roles.
How can I become a B1G1 Business Member?
If you want to join B1G1 as a business, please go to this link to get started. Once you are officially a B1G1 Business, you can consider becoming a B1G1 Champion too. We’re looking forward to connecting with you.
How are special giving credits claimed?

The moment the person you referred uses your code to register as a business (there is a special code field on the business registration form) or uses your unique link to join, our system will track the connection and automatically add giving credits to both of your accounts.

Apply to become a B1G1 Champion today

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