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A Three-Part Approach to Giving that Works

As you might expect from a company that has over 15 years of experience providing financial, investment, risk management and taxation advice to individuals and businesses in Australia, Benton Asset Management has a strategic plan in place that determines the way their contributions to the B1G1 projects. It’s a three-fold approach that begins the minute a member of their team sits down with a potential client.

Benton’s Practice Manager Jasmine Pattinson explains how it works:

“The price we charge for the first meeting gives goats to Kenyan families for nutritious milk and clean drinking water to Malawi women.

When clients decide to do business with us, we support children with food, education and access to clean water.

Then, as we continue to protect and guide what’s important to our clients – as they grow with us – we grow trees.

Every year we help to restore the balance by planting trees and supporting endangered species. And all of this we accomplish as a B1G1 Business Partner.”

It sounds like a simple but effective plan. Benton’s three-part approach to giving is divided between pre-selected giving that aligns to specific client work, and an annual gift whose only purpose is to give back to the environment.

“We love the versatility that B1G1 gives us and hope to someday see charities using technology for improvement and protection, such as drone surveying in Africa,” Jasmine reports. She has extensive experience in the jungles of Borneo with local communities whose mission there is to promote sustainable co-existence between man, animal and land.

“I was excited to find out that we could plant trees in Northern Sumatra through B1G1 to help protect and restore the orangutan habitat there.”

Clients of Benton Asset Management are blown away to learn that they’re part of the B1G1 family too. “There’s a sense of pride and achievement that they get to enjoy simply by choosing Benton,” Jasmine says, “And we love making it happen for them!”

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