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The Book You Didn’t Know Existed in YOU: Better Business, Better Life, Better World

You’ve heard it said that we all have a book inside of us.

But not everyone who has worthwhile wisdom to share has an opportunity to sit and write for days — if not months — to publish a book.

After all, entrepreneurs are busy.

Our job is to run our businesses successfully, walk the talk, and spread our impact through our business. Businesses are the true expressions and reflections of our greatness.

The sad thing though is that we miss out on so much learning from the best entrepreneurs and their stories.

But that all changed when a diverse group of entrepreneurs gathered in Bali in 2016 for the very first B1G1 Business for Good Conference.

One business leader — Steve Pipe, a UK-based B1G1 partner, came up with a remarkable idea to get those people in the room contributing their best insights towards a book called “Better business, Better life, Better world”.

better business better life better world

All in all, 34 business owners from different industries wrote unique pieces to add to this book. It became a best-seller and a masterpiece, because of the question they had to answer to become a part of the book:

“What are three pieces of best advice you will give to your grandchildren…to create great businesses, to live a great life and to build a great world?”

Each and every chapter of this ‘Better Business Book’ reveals the best advice from those business owners.

…And the advises were NOT about how you maximize the profit you make today.

The running theme through each contribution was about how we can live with true integrity, pride, aspirations, then achieve real meaningful success.

Some of the co-authors of this book were already best-selling authors with multiple business books in their repertoires. But many had never published a book before.

For them, this project wasn’t about what they could ‘get‘. It was about every one of them coming together to give more.

better business bestsellerThey all agreed that no one would benefit financially from this book.

They could give away the books. They could sell the books and give the proceeds to their favourite giving projects through B1G1, to create life-changing impacts together through the book.

It quickly became number one in ‘Business reference’ and ‘Ethics’ categories on Amazon UK and Australia.

The whole project was funded by the Pipe family. All the co-authors helped spread the word, all with the aim to positively impact lives through the profound book it became.

The people who read this very first ‘Better Business Book’ remarked that the insights in the book were so inspirational and useful that they felt there should be more of this book in the world.

“What a sensational book. Such a simple idea.
Engaging and inspiring all in one go!”

Derek Williams

“Beautiful collection of priceless advice.”

Georgia Morrison

“It’s addictive. I felt compelled to keep reading in search of
the next golden nugget which was never far away!”

NL Waterbridge

Get your copy from Amazon Today (and please make a review too):

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After all, this book is about giving. And every copy we give away also gives back to impact the world.

If you are interested in participating in the future book project, make sure to attend B1G1 Business for Good Conference. We look forward to including your story in the next version of Better Business too!


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