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Give bricks to build shelter

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Jul 2015

Tim Wilson helps people build their dream homes. After doing his own home renovation research six years ago, he saw an inexplicably huge markup in home-improvement hardware and decided to create a company to disrupt it. Today he has a thriving business, both online and more recently a brick and mortar, called Better Hardware.

B1G1: Giving Jars

Better Hardware’s website shows how purchases give back.

“The business exists to help everyday homeowners and DIY-ers and tradesmen to be able to build whatever it is that they want, but also at the same time knowing that with every single purchase that is made on this website that actually goes on to make a difference in someone else’s life in some way, shape or form,” said Tim.

Everyday Business Challenges

For a predominantly online business, connecting with customers is tough. But Tim saw an opportunity to connect more deeply with them through giving back.

“If people could really see the connection between their everyday activities and knowing ‘oh my god, all I did was just buy something and I actually did something bigger and better than just looking after myself?’ I think that’s a really big deal,” Tim added.

Like most entrepreneurs, Tim is a busy guy. But global-giving initiative B1G1 has made it so easy for Tim to weave giving into every aspect of his business, showing customers the specific impacts created through their purchases.

The Power of Connection

“I think people really like the connection between their everyday purchase as an individual and what difference it can make,” said Tim, “I think that’s one of the amazing things about B1G1 is that it actually has that connection with the projects and some of the outcomes that happen.”

Not surprisingly, Tim is drawn to projects that help get people off the streets and into homes, and projects that provide improved living conditions for those in need.

Through B1G1, Better Hardware alone has already created more than 58,000 impacts through B1G1, providing tens of thousands of days worth of access to clean water and shelter, and bricks to build homes and schools.

“We exist as a business to make a profit so that we can actually do something with that, the only way we can do that is to give great value to our customers and then pass it on however we can”

In the world of Buy1GIVE1, small businesses like Better Hardware can truly unlock sustainable solutions to solve global problems together.

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