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Earning a Black Belt in Giving

black belt business logoImagine the concept of the martial arts ‘belt’ system being applied to business, Now you’ve come part of the way to understanding Black Belt Business in Australia — a brand new way of Business Coaching.

Clients start with a syllabus at Black Belt Business that outlines what they need to do to master certain business skills so they can earn their first ‘belt’ of accomplishment…white, yellow, orange and so on. Then they gradually move up through the learning process to achieve their black belt in business.

black belt businessThat’s the basic concept behind Black Belt Business, according to Senior Business Instructor Craig Micheal O’Sullivan. But Black Belt now has another focus that really excites and drives Craig.

“We’re a national company, and we individualize the syllabus for each client,” he says, “outlining specifically what you need to do to build your business.”

Craig first came across B1G1 when he attended a Business Building program called INSPIRE! with B1G1 Co-founder and Chairman Paul Dunn.

“I attend a lot of seminars and information sessions; my job is to make sure I know what’s going on out there and I learned an amazing amount from Paul.  He’s an unreal speaker…I picked up a lot of great presentation ideas from him too.  And at the end of his presentation he talked about B1G1.  It was absolutely what I was looking for. And it’s turned out to be a brilliant fit for our company.”

belt-small“The concept of Buy1GIVE1 seemed much like ours at Black Belt Business.  You take a big task and cut it down to bite size pieces, so every day you’re making a difference and working towards a larger goal.”

Every time Black Belt Business sends out an invoice, it has a note on the bottom about B1G1 and the B1G1 projects that the Black Belt team is giving too on behalf of its clients.

“B1G1 seriously connects with clients and it is so easy,” Craig told us.  “I can jump online and align my client transactions with a particular project.  The thing that’s awesome about it is I can select from anything…there are over 600 options on the site.”

“A good example, one of my clients is into soccer, so I aligned our giving in his case to a charity that provides soccer training to underprivileged kids in India.  Another client of mine is a builder, so his contributions are going toward building houses for people in Africa.  This makes the giving really relevant.  It’s all in one place, I don’t have to go anywhere else.  Every time the client pays his invoice, I go online and give a quick ‘yes’ to one of those projects.”

Involvement with B1G1 for Craig has gone far beyond just being a business decision.  “I used to be in business to satisfy a burning need to be significant, to be important,” he told us.  “It’s only over the last few months that I realized I was focusing on the wrong thing.  My number one need now is to be giving.  From the moment I made that decision, our business has been booming.  I now focus on adding more value to my clients, and giving more to them.”

And because Craig’s a B1G1 Partner, he’s continually refining that in mentoring sessions with Paul Dunn, “It’s simply an extraordinary program,” Craig says. “I am getting so much from it. It connects like nothing else does and it’s definitely part of me now.”

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