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A Giving (Spirit)-Filled Halloween!

Sometimes, creating a well-loved giving campaign in your business can feel a bit like Halloween: a little scary, a little exciting, and you want to make sure your everyone has a sweet time! So this October, we thought you might enjoy some fun Halloween giving...

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5 Giving Ideas We Love Inspired By You

This month, check out our 5 favourite giving ideas that’ll get you, your teams and your clients inspired, pumped and hooked for the rest of the year. These ideas have been inspired by other incredible B1G1 Businesses just like yours –  read it, try it, and see if you...

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Craig Doyle – A Profile in Verse

Craig Doyle is an entrepreneur and a B1G1 Champion. He is Co-Founder and Director of 90Degrees Global, which provides transformational education programs for business owners and leaders in Australia and New Zealand. He supports UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)...

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B1G1 System Update – Payment Gateway Change

On 14th October 2019, 12am Singapore time (see this in your timezone), we’ll be performing a major update to the B1G1 system. Specifically, we will be changing the payment gateway for your giving on the B1G1 system. It's an important change because it means your...

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Gary Tho – Dream the Impossible Dream

Dreams. We all have them. But how do we make our most inspiring dreams come true? Rub a magic lamp? Throw some coins in a fountain? Australian Singapore-based chiropractor Dr. Gary Tho says it’s something much simpler than those fanciful things, but something that’s...

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Cheryl Angela –Love, Music AND Healing

Whenever you hear the words, ‘Human Trafficking’, you get yourself set for a harrowing story. “This is an ugly subject,” says personal coach, healer, and musician Cheryl Angela. She’s right. The reality of human trafficking is not a pleasant thing to think about, much...

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B1G1x Southern Hemisphere: Wonder, and wonder with action

What a whirlwind of a week it was. 2 weeks ago, the entire B1G1 team took our first trip ever that required us to close our entire office for a week, where we flew 7 hours, 6,210km from home for the first-ever B1G1x Southern Hemisphere Global Conference. And for...

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Deanne Firth – A wider view of protecting our land

As a little girl in Queensland, Australian accountant Deanne Firth experienced both the amazing beauty and the awesome power of nature. Known for its weather extremes, Queensland can experience lengthy droughts. But when it rains, it really rains. While being...

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HOPE FOR CHILDREN – From Australia to Ethiopia

Hope For Children Organization Australia was founded in 2004, but its founder Jacqui Gilmour’s journey to change the world has already started several years earlier. Jacqui has been deeply engaged with Ethiopian communities since the 1980s, pioneering programs in...

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Joshua Chimakula Ngoma – Engineering a Better Future

Engineers are known for having a unique way of looking at the world. As children they were usually the ones taking their toys apart to see how they worked instead of just playing with them like the rest of us. Engineers have a knack for breaking problems down...

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Helen Campbell – Anything is Possible

It’s not everyday you meet someone who sailed the British coastline and encountered shipwrecks as a child. Well, meet entrepreneur and CEO of Victoria-based hearing centre Knox Audiology - Helen Campbell. But her travels with her father were more than just a fun...

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