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Joshua Chimakula Ngoma – Engineering a Better Future

Engineers are known for having a unique way of looking at the world. As children they were usually the ones taking their toys apart to see how they worked instead of just playing with them like the rest of us. Engineers have a knack for breaking problems down...

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Helen Campbell – Anything is Possible

It’s not everyday you meet someone who sailed the British coastline and encountered shipwrecks as a child. Well, meet entrepreneur and CEO of Victoria-based hearing centre Knox Audiology - Helen Campbell. But her travels with her father were more than just a fun...

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Louisa Lee: A life of congruence

The perfect photograph. CLICK! Whether playful group photos, selfies in front of idyllic landscapes, or just vacation photos of famous landmarks – CLICK! We’ve all seen them and we’ve all taken them. The problem is, quite often… they’re not ‘real’. They’re what some...

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Help B1G1 become the first business giving app on Zapier

To fast forward to our user guide and start creating Giving Zaps, click here. B1G1 was founded on a very important and visionary what-if: “What if every business owner could change lives every day just by doing what they do?” As early as 2007, we launched Giving...

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Douglas Barra – Giving the Ocean a Hand Up

You’ve most likely heard this before: the surface of the Earth is over 70% ocean. In and of itself this is telling as to how huge the oceans truly are. But look at it another way to get the vastness of our oceans — this is a number that you may not have heard: the...

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Catherine Yang – A Legacy of Smiles

It was a serendipitous meeting in all respects. At a business conference in Sydney in 2017, Australian dentist Catherine Yang was about to leave early when a friend convinced her to stay and listen to the last speaker of the day. “You’ll really be inspired by what he...

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Harvee Pene – Have More, Live More, Give More

Harvee Pene has known since he was 14 years old that business is not always an easy path. The author, TEDx speaker and co-founder of Inspire - Life Changing Accountants, has been dealing with tough situations for most of his life. He was born into a poor New Zealand...

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