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B1G1 Member Update – May’18

Find out why I’m on a bus, plus an important privacy update and much more... Here’s a quick summary with all the links mentioned in the video: 1. GDPR and your Right to privacy Having many European members, B1G1 is also working on GDPR updates and have already revised...

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6 Tips to Ensure Truly Effective Business Giving

Working in the giving space every day over the last decade, the B1G1 team and I have learnt so much about giving, especially business giving. From working with all kinds of charity organisations and NGOs, and through our interactions with thousands of business owners...

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Imagine Accounting: Imagining a New Way to Do Business

The purpose-driven business series features a different Business for Good to showcase their unique giving stories. We hope these stories inspire you with interesting, new and joyful ideas on how to integrate giving into your business. Within just months of joining the...

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B1G1 Member Update – April’18

That's right, you will want to watch this. And that’s because (aside from seeing something of B1G1’s location in Singapore) this update is all about EXTRA stuff this month: 1. Book Launch You won't want to miss out on a fantastic evening with great people, wonderful...

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A New Way to Get Rid of Pests: Meet Combat Pest Control

Meet the most unconventional business in B1G1 - A pest control company, started up by ex-military men, whose main purpose for being in business is to help educate children in conflict areas. Michael Coates and Des Fraser started out serving in the British Army for...

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B1G1x UK: Look at What You Can Do, Not What You Can’t Do

London is 10,841km from B1G1’s Singapore HQ. Two weeks ago, I made this journey to attend B1G1x…and it was worth travelling every metre. This fantastic event, hosted by B1G1 partner, Steve Pipe, served as an opportunity for current B1G1 members to connect, share ideas...

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B1G1 Member Update – March’18

An update to actually watch… surprises ahead. I will be giving you more information on these 3 things (look out for number 3... we’re on a search) 1. Borneo trip There are limited spots left, so be sure to book your spot quickly on this special pre-B1G1 Conference...

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