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Your Feedback and Ideas from the B1G1 Conference 2017

Thank you for sharing your insights on how we can improve the B1G1 Business for Good initiative! We’ve compiled all your ideas, and you can see how we’re taking them onboard with you below. Here are the 4 broad categories that we brainstormed about together. 1. What's...

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The GREATEST Conference Ever

It all started when the last one ended in Bali, July 2016. Everyone who came to the very first conference said, “this was the best conference I’ve ever been to.” So...how could we surpass that outcome? Right after the first conference, Paul Dunn, B1G1's chairman...

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Meet Oan – B1G1 Smiles Around the World

Meet Oan.   Oan receives occupational training and works at Sala Bai Hotel and Restaurant School. Sala Bai provides hospitality training to Cambodians in financial difficulty, in order to prevent poverty and human trafficking. Through these opportunities, Oan is able...

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June ’17 – The Messiest Update Ever

Yes, it really is a ‘messy’ update. You’ll see exactly why when you watch. And when you watch, you’ll see for the first time some of the people who make it all happen too. One person you’ll miss is Jeffrey Teo — he had to go home just before we filmed the video. And I...

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Meet Huy – B1G1 Smiles Around the World

Meet Huy. Huy is blind. Thanks to support received from the Australian Charity for Children in Vietnam (ACCV), Huy is now able to read, speak to foreigners in English, and even works in a sustainable job as a blind masseur. In fact, ACCV has done so well that their...

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Meet Lonsey – B1G1 Smiles Around the World

Meet Lonsey. Lonsey works at Trailblazer Foundation, an organisation that helps build wells in rural communities in Cambodia, as well as train villagers in income generation skills such as improved farming techniques. Trailblazer supported Lonsey through his youth...

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B1G1 Member Update – May’17

Here's your update for May, 1. THE Conference Update If you’re not yet registered, watch from the beginning of the video, or go straight to http://bit.ly/b1g1conference17. 2. A new Get Started Page One of the best things we’ve ever done — Masami and the team have...

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Results Platform Foundation: Awakening to Giving

The purpose-driven business series features a different Business for Good to showcase their unique giving stories. We hope these stories inspire you with interesting, new and joyful ideas on how to integrate giving into your business. An awakening inspired this...

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The Biggest Challenge of Running a Social Enterprise

  Still in its infancy, social enterprise as an industry is quickly moving from a slow crawl to a giant leap. The commercial world is starting to pay attention with success stories like ThankYou Group, Toms and Warby Parker leading the way and inspiring others to step...

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