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Come join our team! If you are the right person, you could be transforming the world with us. Learn more about current and future opportunities at B1G1.



About B1G1

B1G1 is a global Social Enterprise, headquartered in Singapore. We now work with over 2,300 businesses from around the world, helping and inspiring them to create a great difference in our world (we’ve helped them create more than 150 million giving impacts to date). Together we’re living this belief: B1G1 gives businesses the power to change lives.




We have a lean yet growing team based in Singapore working with our global partners.

Aside from this core team, there are many gifted people who volunteer their time and expertise to help B1G1 grow. See more about various volunteering opportunities at the bottom of this page.

While our team members contribute in their own unique ways, they all have something special in common; a strong desire to continuously learn more, to give more and to make a greater difference together as a team.



Here are the core values that everyone in the B1G1 team embraces and grows with:


B1G1 Core Values

If you resonate with these and your skills and capabilities match with an available role at B1G1, you will LOVE being part of our dynamic team.



Most of our core team members are based in Singapore.

They handle all day-to-day activities and work on running a diverse range of projects. They thrive to serve our business members and NGO partners making sure every effort made by our partners creates a great impact in the world. Here is our organisation chart to collectively make things happen. Everyone’s work belongs to one of these five areas of activities.


B1G1 Organisation Chart

Much like our mission, our wish-list for ‘ideal team members’ is quite ambitious. Those special people who are highly capable and are willing to work with the conditions we offer are truly rare finds. Some say we are too idealistic.

The reality is that we normally cannot find the right candidates through normal job postings alone. Consequently, many of the B1G1 team members joined us as full-time employees after they experienced an internship with us or came to us seeking a job specifically at B1G1. So, we are very lucky to have these talented (and very nice) individuals who dedicate their gifts to create great structures, processes and connections in B1G1. And they do so joyfully together.

To get a sense of our culture and how we support each other to grow together, you can have a look at this extract from the B1G1 Company Handbook. And to ‘meet’ some of our core team members and learn about what they do, please visit our Team Page.

Oh, one more thing. The full-time work opportunities at B1G1 are currently limited to local Singapore residents and citizens because of work permit limitations.
Right now, these are the available opportunities:


Full Stack Developer to Create a Real Impact

Client Relationship Manager to Make a Real Difference

Organisation Management Executive to Create a Great Impact


If you are interested in working with us in different ways or have a great idea, you are welcome to reach out to us too.

We look forward to connecting with you to make many great things come together.



Although our employment opportunities are currently limited, there are many great ways you can help B1G1 by leveraging your great expertise and capabilities. As a volunteer, you can also experience significant value in helping to grow something very special together.

Here are some ways for you to ‘volunteer’ your qualities to make a real impact with us:

  • Serve as a Board Member
  • Become an expert adviser in a specific area
  • Become an intern (normally paid allowances)
  • Volunteer at our events

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please write to us.

Thank you for visiting this page and considering becoming part of the B1G1 family.



We look forward to hearing from you! :)


Contact the B1G1 Team and find out more about available opportunities.