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Relationships that Encourage Giving

I recently interviewed Ian Berry on his ideas about how a simple concept can be used for motivational programs. Here he shared a concept quite different from what many of us may think:

What do you do?

I am a maverick thinker and I’ve been inspiring business leaders for years in Australia and around the world.

What is your core belief about doing a business?

“I have long said that job satisfaction and employee engagement are outcomes of how we see people, and how we treat them. These outcomes should not be driving us. Treating people as they expect to be treated should be driving us. The key to satisfaction in roles is relationships.”

How do you apply what you believe in for your business?

Tapping into the science of quantum leaps, (small direct jumps from here to there), he shows people how to make small yet significant changes regarding ‘why’ and ‘how’ they work.

“Most people’s contributions, like mine, are small. But the significance of ‘small’ lies in the fact that when a lot of people do a little, anything can be changed for the better.”

Ian has a favourite story that illustrates the process.

“When I was a boy, my grandmother used to make quilts. She’d make a little piece and then another piece, and eventually she’d stitch it all together. I believe this is the way the B1G1 has been able to make such a wonderful impact on people in need around the world. We all provide our piece of the quilt, our piece of the puzzle, to make a difference as a whole.”

Often the journey begins with people reading Ian Berry’s Changing What’s Normal book, a seminal work in the fields of personal, relationship, and organisational change. Every time someone buys the book, 12 families in need receive three nourishing meals.

“Without nourishment no one can thrive on the challenges of change,” Ian is quick to point out. “A cause like this inspires our clients to begin their own journey of making small changes that have big impacts. ‘Buy the book’ we tell them, or join the B1G1 revolution yourself. You just have to link the sale of a product or service to a cause that matters to you and give a little bit from every transaction.”

Now, what’s the next small thing you can do right now to create your version of a quantum leap? Comment below to let us know.