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three cities near you

Join us as we celebrate the significant 10th Anniversary of the B1G1 initiative and scale the giving movement to the next level together.

Last year, every single one of the people who joined us at the very first Business for Good Conference said,

It really was full of game-changing learning, exchanging of remarkable ideas, useful insights and inspiring moments. Perhaps even more significant there was a deep sense of connection, engagement and a spirit of giving that you would not get anywhere else. We experienced the power of having a group of people who share the same aspiration and desire to make a real difference. Just even a few seconds watching the 2016 video gives you a taste of the feeling.

The good news is that with great encouragement from everyone, we decided to make it super-easy for you to fully experience it in 2017. Instead of you travelling overseas and coming to us, we’re coming to you to bring the experience closer to you. Because you really deserve the chance to experience the magic of this event. And we will be making this experience even better, even more meaningful and impactful.


  • Access 6 value-packed ‘Streams’ led by extraordinary speakers (what we might call B1G1 ‘gurus’)
  • Engage in interactive activities that are in line with the purpose of this event: Making a greater impact and playing a bigger game
  • Discuss, brainstorm key ideas and solve business issues with specially-created MasterMind groups
  • Check out the innovative ways that others implement effective giving into their business
  • Be part of an uplifting, dynamic and value-packed Giving Auction and inspiring Gala Awards Dinner
  • Discover the power of some of the B1G1 projects you might not have noticed
  • Meet and interact with like-minded business owners, their team and family members who are part of the community
  • In addition, a special optional ‘wind-down’ Intimate Connection Dinner will be arranged for delegates who can stay back on the second day to connect even more

And there’ll be lots of surprises too. So many more highlights …. all of them designed with two main focal points: to give you a conference unlike any other. And to build your Business for Good.

special experiences

For your family/team member

Team Members:
Simply register as a delegate. It will be a fantastic experience to learn how you can maximise the impact you create. If you are coming in a group of 4 or more, you can take advantage of the Group Rate as well.

Family Members:
Join in the conference as a delegate or enjoy various holiday activities while the conference is happening and simply join at the dinner (you can purchase the dinner ticket separately too, we will release this ‘dinner-only’ ticket at a later date).

Family Members (Youth: 13-17 years old):
Join the conference at a subsidised fee to learn about creating and running Giving Businesses. Any youth above 17 is regarded as an adult delegate.

Ticket for Good:
This privilege ticket includes a special giving and you also get to insert gifts and offers into the event Goodie-Bags. Your company will be featured in the Event Booklets too. It’s a fantastic way to contribute more.

Friend of B1G1 Member:
Limited number of tickets available for friends of B1G1 Members accompanying a B1G1 Member to the Conference. It’s a great way to experience the community of giving businesses.

Event outline


If you are joining us from other cities and countries, you will need accommodation.

Our recommendation is that you stay (at least for the first day of the conference) at the hotel we are hosting the conference so that you can easily access your room any time during the conference.

The arrangement of the accommodation, including early check-in and late check-out, depends on the hotel’s room availability and terms and conditions. You will be able to make the booking and special requests directly. Right now, we are finalising some of the fine details with the selected hotels and we will be releasing venue information soon. Do wait for our emails before you go ahead and make your own hotel arrangement. If you live within driving distance of the venue, you can come from your own home but may also consider staying at the venue for the first night (there is an awards dinner to enjoy after all)!



If you want to do even more…

To heighten the quality of the experience even more for all the participants and to maximise the impact of the conference, we are looking for people and companies who are willing to ‘sponsor’ elements of the event organisation. Here are the opportunities.

Event Resource Printing

If you run a printing business, you can offer to print some or all of the event materials. We will have your information on the conference materials so that any members who need a great printer to work with can connect with you afterwards too.


Are you a photographer/videographer? If you are happy to take some of the official photos for the event, we’d love you to volunteer. We are seeking multiple individuals to help and take turns so that you can still enjoy being part of the event.

Social Media

If you are a Social Media guru, please help make this event an even greater success by adding your special touch. Let us know which Social Channels you specialise in and we will connect with you to explore the best collaboration format.

Event Promotion

This event is for B1G1 Members and Partners, their team members and family members. But you can invite other businesses that are interested in joining the Business for Good community too. If you are interested in actively promoting this to your contacts, please let us know so that we can create a special referral code for you to use.


Our team will be organising most of the logistics for these three events from our office Singapore. But our team is small so it’s a stretch. So if you who are happy to ‘Crew’ for some small tasks before and during the conference, please let us know. We will make sure that these mini-tasks only enhances your joy of being there.

If you think you can take on one of these opportunities, please let us know ([email protected]).
We will discuss the details then.

Please book early to grab Early Bird tickets AND to
avoid disappointment.

other things to note

Included in the Conference Package:
  • 2-day Conference Package with all Meals and Refreshments
  • Giving Auction and Gala Dinner on the first day
  • All Conference Activities and Resources
  • Special Gift Items
Not included in the Conference Package:
  • Transportation to the conference venue
  • Accommodation (you can reserve a room via a special group booking link to receive special rates)
  • Extra drink consumption (this is only if you consume more than the provided quantity or order drinks directly at the restaurants/bar)
  • Ticket to optional dinner on the second day – if you choose to stay for the special dinner, you can purchase the ticket.

*Limited seats available.

Cancellation Terms for Conference Tickets:
  • If you book now and have to cancel your ticket later, these are the refund terms.
Time range before the event:
  • > 3 Months: Full refund, less any Bank Charges incurred
  • 1-3 Months: Cancellation charge of 20% of delegate fee will apply (We will forward any residual fee to various B1G1 Projects, if any)
  • > 2-4 Weeks: Cancellation charge of 50% of delegate fee will apply (We will forward any residual fee to various B1G1 Projects, if any)
  • > 2 Weeks: The ticket is non-refundable (However, it can be transferred to someone else)

*The cancellation terms for the room booking will follow the cancellation terms by the venue. Please contact us ([email protected]) for more information.

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Here are some questions you might have..

What’s included in the conference package?

The items included in the conference package are indicated in the section above. The most important thing that’s included in this conference but not in any other conferences is the irresistible focus on giving and connection. When you come to B1G1’s Business for Good Conference, you notice how no one approaches you to ‘sell’ things. Everyone is there to give you more value and also connect with you to achieve greater things together.

Who are the key speakers?

Each of the conferences features a different set of speakers and facilitators. All of these speakers are respected thought-leaders and successful business owners who can share their insight and experience in great ways to help you increase the impact of your business. More importantly, we will not be making you just sit and listen to speakers. A large part of this conference is designed around the effectiveness of your personal engagement with others. You will meet so many amazing people who will inspire you. On top of that, both Paul Dunn (B1G1 Chairman) and Masami Sato (B1G1 Founder) will be there to welcome you and share with you the real heart and spirit of the B1G1 initiative. There is no better way to celebrate the 10 year anniversary and 100+ million impacts we have created collectively.  

Can I bring my family members to this conference?

Yes, definitely. If your family members (who are older than 12 years old) enjoy learning about the work you do and also learn about why you choose to give back, please encourage then to join as delegates. If your family members want to spend time separately during the day and simply join for Giving Auction and Gala Dinner, please purchase the Dinner Only ticket (will be released at a later date). We look forward to meeting your family! This is a special conference to enhance the sense of connection among the B1G1 Members and Partners and help them grow their business with maximum impact. New members can learn many things from existing members and we can help each other. We hope you will inspire many others to consider joining us and share this extraordinary event.

Can I bring all my team members to this conference?

Yes, definitely. This is a fantastic way to empower your team to really ‘get’ the spirit of giving. We have created a group ticket option for you too. If you are buying 4 or more tickets, please choose this option for the group discount.

Can I invite my friends to come to this conference?

Yes, absolutely! This conference is normally limited to B1G1 Members and Partners, their family and team members. But so many B1G1 Members felt that their business owner friends who had expressed interest in B1G1 might love to be there too. So, we’ve created a special ticket called ‘Friend of B1G1 Member’ right there on the registration page for you.

How can I get involved more to support this conference?

Thank you for asking this question!! If you are interested in contributing more you can consider taking on one of the ‘sponsorship’ opportunities indicated above. Please write to us ([email protected]) to see how you can best serve. If you have other ideas, please let us know too.

Do you have suggested accommodation list?

The best accommodation option is to stay at the hotel where we are hosting the event. Please follow the instructions in the email we send to you after your successful registration so that your booking can be linked to the conference package. It is definitely much more convenient for you to stay at the venue and easily access your room during the day or after dinner. It will also help us to boost the number of rooms booked under our group booking as the hotel is doing their best to give us good rates. If you live within a driving range to the venue, you can commute from your home. ☺

How do I make things available for the Giving Auction?

You can let us know if you have any item to contribute to the Giving Auction. To make it impactful, the items to be contributed must have a commercial value of greater than $300/£200. It can be a generous service package your business can offer too as long as it can be used by people in various cities (offer like “a hair cut in my salon at a remote town” might not go very well). Things that are useful for other business owners are high value art items. They go particularly well at these Giving Auctions. There is a limit to the number of items accepted, so please be quick to let us know about it if you have something you’d like to offer.

What is the cancellation policy?

If the event is cancelled by the event host because of natural disaster or issues caused by other unexpected situations, you will receive a full refund.

Time range before the event:

• > 3 Months: Full refund, less any Bank Charges incurred
• 1-3 Months: Cancellation charge of 20% of delegate fee will apply (We will forward any residual fee to various B1G1 Projects, if any)
• > 2-4 Weeks: Cancellation charge of 50% of delegate fee will apply (We will forward any residual fee to various B1G1 Projects, if any)
• > 2 Weeks: The ticket is non-refundable (However, it can be transferred to someone else)

Any residual amount of your cancellation fee after covering the expenses will be forwarded to a selected B1G1 project to make positive impact on the lives of many. Even a cancellation leads to a good cause (although we don’t want you to cancel your place)!

If you have any other questions that we have not addressed here, please email us directly at [email protected].

see you there !

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