Clarify and simplify how you and your team can come together to create a great culture that you love.

Session 2

Understanding the power of natural cycles

(17 minutes)

More and more people are starting their own businesses today. There has never been a time like this. But things are moving faster and becoming more overwhelming too. In this session, you discover how to create a business that attracts abundance, naturally. And it sets a wonderful framework around which to build your culture too.


Session 3:

Learning from businesses that last: How to create a culture that you love (and what not to do)

(20 minutes)

Learn the secrets of the world’s longest-lasting businesses and find out how to incorporate the key ideas into your business. Here you’ll really get what business sustainability means and how to make sure it happens for you. Masami shares many practical examples to share what ‘building a lasting business’ really means.



Session 1: Starting with YOU