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Conversations that Matter are designed with one purpose in mind — to give you great insights into building great businesses. [Oh they actually have another purpose too. And that’s this: to be enjoyable and fun to listen to as well.]

These are recordings of interviews we do with great B1G1 Partners around the world each week. Each one contains some real gems.

Now you may have come to this page because you were invited to one or more of the actual LIVE Conversations. So if you’d simply like to listen to a specific one, just click the relevant thumbnail below, turn up the sound, sit back and enjoy.

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Tony and Cally run Marketing Pirates of Dentistry and a charity called Dental Mavericks.

They specialise in helping Dentists matter even more. And in this special interview, they explain exactly how they do that.

They have some strong advice about the impact of and importance of B1G1 too.

Matthew Burgess started a totally disruptive legal firm, View Legal.

Equally importantly, he talks about the firm’s new Checklist Manifesto. It’s stunning too.

And then, towards the end of the interview, we look at View Legal’s amazing commitment not just to be different, but to make a difference. There’s one final point not to be missed too — the profoundly important question poses as Paul and he are signing off. Brilliant stuff for you here.

Stephen Docherty’s been a real practitioner of doing things differently in his accountancy firm AND in finding different, innovative ways to give back.

In this fascinating and frank interview, you’ll see all of that come to live in a practical, down-to-earth yet inspiring way.

Join B1G1 Chairman Paul Dunn as double-book (and best-selling) author Amanda Fisher reveals some of the things that don’t just make her tick but lead to her doing extraordinary things.

Amanda takes us on a journey from Unscrambling the Numbers to making a real difference in our lives and in the lives of people we’ll never meet.

Paul Harris created and runs Real Success. And in this wonderful, enthralling interview with B1G1 Chairman, Paul Dunn you’ll find out precisely what REAL means to Paul and the clients he serves.

It really is a brilliant interview that you’ll treasure AND get so much from.

What’s it like to go from the germ of an idea to producing a fantastic online magazine called, very appropriately, Switched On Leadership?

That’s what Christele Canard has done. And she’s done it by being passionate and above all curious. In this fascinating interview, Christele share insights on global business, on technology and much, much more.

There’s great stuff for anyone from start up to wind down. Ben Walker’s feeling for business has given him many awards. But here you’ll hear about something even greater that gets him doing amazing things. He even shares something really unusual about his recent wedding!
It’s 40 minutes that will seem like ten. Go for it — it is GREAT.

We all have come across Chambers of Commerce. Most are (in spite of great intent) little more than keepers of the status quo. Bernie Squire leads a Chamber of Commerce that is very, very different.

It’s a brilliant example of what happens when you focus on adding in meaning and purpose into every element of business.

When you’ve been in business — in the SAME business — for 24 years, you clearly have some insights to share. In this candid interview, B1G1 Chairman Paul Dunn ‘opens’ it all up to reveal a side of Wayne’s business that will surprise and delight you.

This is yet another ‘must watch’.

Here’s a fascinating story on IMPACT — you’ll be able to see it and hear it when B1G1 Chairman suprises Chris Wiideboer with the impact she’s making at Balance Central.

Chris and Paul also take the wraps off two new initiatives — first a new one Chris is working on and second, the very first live airing of new ways to be involved in B1G1: Business for Good.

Oh … this one is a lot of fun yet enormously hard-hitting in lots of ways. Here Steve Pipe announces some GREAT new awards and marketing inititiatives.
And then together with B1G1 Chairman, Paul Dunn, they unlock fully and completely the enormous value that B1G1 brings to Accounting Firms and Businesses around the world. Yet another ‘Conversation that REALLY Matters’

Paulette Steele does some GREAT things in the Recruitment space. And here in the special Conversation that Matters with B1G1 Chairman, Paul Dunn, she takes it all deeper than ever before.

When you’ve written a sensational book called ‘Why Do Smart People Do Dumb Things’ it’s a safe bet you have some fantastic insights on what makes people tick. Lindsay Spencer-Matthews share some insights from that brand new book of his right here in a sparkling conversation with B1G1 Chairman, Paul Dunn.

Oh … this conversation has everything — from Raymond owning restaurants in Ireland to Innovative Housing Projects to Angels Den, all this through to Giving Back in an extraordinary way through B1G1: Business for Good.

It’s an absolute joy to experience.

This session is all about the path to what Soul Sessions Founder, Eloise King, calls ‘an Enlightened Entrepreneur’.

Watch as we delve deep into what’s needed to build a business of total fulfilment, one where you look forward to getting up to it every day. Insights abound right here for you.

Fast, passionate, on track, focussed, big purpose. That’s Monty Hooke. And that comes across in a seriously honest yet inspiring way in this interview with B1G1 Chairman, Paul Dunn.

You’ll find insights to build businesses AND make an enormous difference AND the life you want to lead right here.

Oh… This is one to watch. The impact of it is immense and you can hear it, see it and feel it throughout this fascinating interview with Sarah McCrum and Paul Dunn. B1G1 Chairman.
Right from the very first minute when Paul asks Sarah how she defines herself, the interview takes on a rarely-seen dimension.
Watch, enjoy, (and like all of us here) love it.

How do you go from working 70 hours a week to 24? How do you run a global business from Paradise? And, most importantly, how do you underpin it all with giving that’s embedded in everything you do? Find out the answers to these and other questions with B1G1 Chairman Paul Dunn interviewing 24 Hour Wealth Coach, Jeremy Britton.

Social Media Maven Adam Houlahan talks with B1G1: Business for Good Chairman, Paul Dunn about the impact of B1G1.

So many insights here as B1G1 Chairman Paul Dunn talks to Shaz Nawaz, an English Accountant with a counter-intuitive way to grow. Lots of insights for you in a conversation that really does matter.

Here, B1G1 Chairman Paul Dunn interviews speaker, author and amazing facilitator, Kerrie Phipps. It’s a great, great journey into creating wonderful conversations and connections.

Ian Berry has been at the forefront of peak performance for seemingly ever. And in this gem of an interview with B1G1 Chairman, Paul Dunn, you’ll find insight after insight to help you get much more out of each day.

B1G1: Business for Good Chairman Paul Dunn interviews Logistics Bureau Founder Rob O’Byrne. They uncover foundational areas around creating great businesses in these ‘interesting times’ we’re in.

Alf Magnano of Accounting Firm CP Partners is interviewed by B1G1: Business for Good Chairman, Paul Dunn. It’s an interview that covers some wonderful material — all of it in an inspiring way too.