We’re here to make people happy and healthy, and it just so happens that we do teeth as well 

This is a video about a dental practice. It wasn’t staged. It’s real people, real situations.

It’s about how giving makes an extraordinary difference to a dentist (and how it can do precisely that for you too).

And as you watch, realise that this is not just about a dental business in Cheltenham. It’s about your business wherever you are.


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Creating More Than 2 Million Smiles Around the World

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Create a meaningful dental business that creates more smiles beyond your practice. We make it easy for your dental practice to give back to hundreds of philanthropic causes around the world, so that you can really make a difference doing what you do.

Create your own Giving Stories and give to over 800 carefully selected projects from around the world

Track your giving impacts live and set aspiring giving goals for your clinic

Share your giving impacts and delight your patients – with Widgets, Gratitude Certificates, and more

Be a part of the Business for Good Giving Community, join community events and study tours

A Message from Paul

Paul Dunn

Paul Dunn

B1G1 Chairman

For many people, the key insights from the video are in this direct quote: We are in a small business and it hasn’t been that easy to give back. So B1G1 opened our eyes to that, and I think from there our giving has just escalated.

For us, it’s about the transformation, the giving spirit, the why and most importantly, the connection at all levels. And like you, we just love the expression on Tim’s face!

Hopefully, one of your key takeaways is this: This is great! And our clinic can be just like that too. We look forward to that happening too.

About B1G1

B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1) is a global giving initiative that gives small businesses the power to change lives, just like Greyholme Dental Suites from the UK. We aim to create a world full of giving by harnessing the Power of Small. Over 1,400 businesses around the world have created 80 million giving impacts through small, regular contributions. to the B1G1 projects.

Your business can be a part of this movement too. Book a meeting with us to find out more.


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