Tracking Your Giving Impacts

When you are giving to the projects listed on B1G1 as a Business Member or Employee User, it’s easy to follow the Project Updates to see more about what’s happening (you need to login first to access the Updates page).

Here, you can find the latest news, pictures and videos from the projects you are supporting via B1G1. It’s a great way to engage with the projects long-term and see impacts being created.

You can also check out…

Here are some other features that let you track and learn about your Giving Impacts. Please login first to access them.

Your Impact History

You can monitor and track your impacts via your Impact History page.

Explore the Activity Wall

See giving activities happening around the world through B1G1 via the Activity Wall.

Connect with us on Facebook

Follow our updates on our official page. You can also connect with other members on a special Facebook Group or on a LinkedIn Group.

Introducing your favourite projects to B1G1

You can also recommend your favourite charity organisations to B1G1.

There is a unique and strict criteria for organisations to be listed on the B1G1 site, but once they are approved, their projects can be exposed to the community of giving businesses around around the world. Because of the micro-giving focus we have, the contributions that our members are making individually to these projects might be small. But it is a great way for them to receive additional support for their ongoing activities. There is no cost for the charity organisations to participate in B1G1 and 100% of everyone’s giving is passed on to them with clear reporting each month.

If you want to recommend charity organisations (NGOs) to B1G1, please ask them to visit this page and see if they can qualify the criteria.

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