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Here’s how to make your emails have a real impact

You know how it is I’m sure — you’re having a seemingly innocuous conversation and then a BIG idea drops. Actually, a really big idea.

That happened to me in, of all places, Jersey in the Channel Islands.

I was doing the new ‘Business Redefined’ event there on behalf of local Accountant Luke Smith of Purpose.

We had had a ball. Glowing emails were pouring in from Luke’s clients and prospects who’d packed out the Royal Yacht venue. Many of them had jumped on board B1G1 and many had signed up for Luke’s extraordinary offer on his One-Page Plan Process.

And then as Luke was dropping me at the airport he said,

“You know, I’ve been thinking. How would it be if, in addition to our ‘normal; giving on B1G1, every time we sent an email, a child got access to water for a day?”

I stopped dead in my tracks. My exact words: “Luke, that is a HUGE idea. And it would be awesome. I’m implementing it right now and, when I’m on the plane heading home I’m going to write a blog so that others can see how simple it is. And maybe they’ll come on board too.”

You’ll see how I’m doing it and articulating it below.

If you think it’s a great idea too, let me know.

With an estimated 240,166,167 emails being sent every minute, just imagine what we could do together!

P.S. Just in case you were wondering, this is something you make happen in addition to your ‘normal’ B1G1 giving and its very simple. Personally, I keep a track of my outward email numbers and at the end of each week I multiply that number by 1 cent (the cost of the ‘water for a day’ project).

Then I simply go to my personal B1G1 account and give really easily and quickly by having the ’email and water’ stored in ‘My Favourite Giving’. Simple — I just enter the numbers and give. And now I feel great about replying to emails quicker too!

Oh, and in the paragraph just below you’ll see how I’m articulating it. Want to join me?

MY EMAIL IMPACT: Habits change lives. So I’m making a habit now that does precisely that. And it’s so simple: every time I reply to or send an email, a child in Ethiopia gets access to pure, life-saving water for a day. Such a small habit. Yet a major impact. You might want to join me too — check out for more.

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