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Employee Matters: The Giving Cycle

The purpose-driven business series features a different Business for Good to showcase their unique giving stories. We hope these stories inspire you with interesting, new and joyful ideas on how to integrate giving into your business.

A company’s larger culture can influence each team member, equally as much as a single team member can influence the entire company culture. The cycle of giving knows no boundaries. Today’s featured business shows us how giving synergy is formed when your team’s purpose is aligned.

Introducing…Employee Matters!

Who: Natasha Hawker from Employee Matters Pty Ltd

Where: Belrose West, Australia

What: We provide employee support to small businesses who want to maximise profitability through their employees but struggle with hiring the best, understanding the legislation and firing non-performers.

Can you give us a sense of why you decided to start giving?
Giving to B1G1 gives the entire team a sense of achievement and pride. We like to vary our projects and I believe we have impacts in every available continent now.

What are your favourite project(s) to give to and why?
The water projects have really resonated with our team and clients; playing a part in providing clean drinking water to people is amazing feeling and reinforces to us how lucky we are to be in a position to help in this way.

This year for Christmas our team were split on two projects to support, so we chose both!

Provision of a House Mum for an orphanage in Kenya and providing goats to Kenyan families. Some of our team members have also decided to make their own individual contributions.

How would you describe the impact B1G1 has had on your company and its culture?
It has a huge impact on what we do and how we do it – we are also proud to share our giving story with our clients and the community. Having projects and goals to work towards on the website is also a great motivator.

What’s the best experience you’ve had through your giving activities and being a part of B1G1?
Making a large contribution to a water project in Africa last year was very satisfying, just knowing that we had been able to make a significant improvement to the lives of people in a village far away.

Does anybody in your team have an interesting giving story to share?
One of our team members, Carmen, raised the idea of giving individually. And so Carmen and Caroline chose to donate a goat each as part of their Christmas giving this year, on top of what Employee Matters already spends. This has inspired most of us to do the same.

What question would you wish that we’d asked and what would be your answer? 
Q: What are your giving goals as an Organisation?

A: We would like to aim for the stars and continue to significantly increase our giving each year, contributing to major projects that help to make people’s lives better.

If you have an interesting Giving Story to share, write to us at [email protected] to be included in the next feature!

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