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What's B1G1?

B1G1 is a giving initiative that allows businesses and individuals to give easily to high-impact projects that are run by carefully vetted charity organisations (Worthy Causes) we partner with. We aspire to create a world full of giving by making it easy and meaningful for you to give. Learn more about B1G1 here.

What makes B1G1 different from other giving initiatives?

At B1G1, we always focus on the impact your giving has on people’s lives. Unlike ‘normal’ giving programs that take out a portion of your donation for administration fees, fully 100% of your giving is passed on to the nominated projects when you give through B1G1. This is made possible by the unique business membership model that funds the development of this initiative. You can also download a one-page document that explains this.

If 100% of the donations are remitted to the charities, how does B1G1 sustain itself?

B1G1 is funded mainly by the membership subscriptions of B1G1 Business Members and Partners.

How can we find out more information?

For more information about B1G1 and its initiatives, please see our Annual Report.

In addition, our website, at www.b1g1.com, offers various media articles, blog entries, inspiring business stories and other materials we think you’ll find interesting.

How does B1G1 select its projects?

B1G1 has implemented a very strict selection process for the Worthy Cause projects listed on the B1G1 site. You can find out about the process right here.

How is the cost of one impact calculated?

The cost of an impact is derived from taking the total cost of the project, and dividing it by the number of people impacted as well as the duration that the impact lasts for.

E.g. If the cost of building a well is $5000.

It serves 400 people in a village for 5 years.

$5000 / 400 people / 5 years = $0.01 to provide 1 person access to clean water for 1 day (rounded up)





How can my business give back using B1G1?

Typically, B1G1 Business partners will create a Giving Story which may say something like “When we sign a new client, we give access to education for a child in Cambodia”. Or “When we complete a project, we give a goat to give sustainable income to a family in Kenya.” Creating Giving Stories makes giving an integral part of your business. You can see examples from our business partners here and here.

Aside from this, there are many other ways that you can embed giving into your business by using B1G1’s unique tools and resources. You can explore all the member privileges here.

If you’d like more information about how your business can give back through B1G1, just drop us a note at team@b1g1.com


How should I give?

The quick answer is – whatever way suits you! Some B1G1 businesses link their their products and services to specific projects and give a fixed amount per transaction. Others allocate a (small) percentage of revenue to giving activities each week/month/quarter and they have their teams choose the projects. Every business is different and so we believe it is more about choosing the amount that is easily afforded by your business, yet enough to make the impact you want to see.

Here are some interesting examples of how your business CAN give through B1G1.

My work involves working on per project basis and does not involve regular daily/weekly sales. How then would I use B1G1?

In B1G1, there are many businesses whose work does not involve ‘regular’ daily, weekly sales cycles so they give on completion of projects. You’ll find a great example of that right here.

How do I involve my team and my customers/clients?

Because of the flexibility of B1G1 you can involve and engage everyone in and around your business in any way you want! For example, dentists get their patients to select where the giving is going, and the giving categories are chosen by the team in the dentists’ office (you’ll see more of that here).

Or, you can simply invite your team members to create special complementary employee accounts that are linked to your company’s account. A number of employee accounts are included in your business membership as an extra value. As a result, you can make a difference together and create the maximum impact. You can even set collective goals to reach specific giving targets.

And if that’s not clear, just drop us a note at team@b1g1.com. Remember, we’re here to help in whatever ways we can.

Can I track the impact of my giving?

Yes, you can! When you join as a partner, you can download your Giving Impact Report anytime. B1G1 also gives you an embeddable widget for your website to track your giving activities live in real time PLUS the Businesses for Good Map where, once again,we track for you your giving impact around the world in real time.

Can we support our own charity partner?

Absolutely! If you already support a specific charity whose work is especially meaningful to you, you can recommend them to us and (if they are approved by B1G1) continue to support them through B1G1. In fact, we continuously expand our Worthy Cause list partly as a result of the recommendations we receive from our B1G1 Members and Partners. And when your favourite charity becomes a part of B1G1, they get to receive support from many more businesses that are part of this initiative.

You can find out more about the process of becoming a B1G1 Worthy Cause here.

Do you have projects that are tax-deductible?

Yes. And you can check on that by logging in and then choosing the IMPACT tab, followed by the ‘View All Projects’ sub-tab. You click on the blue ‘Advanced Search’ link at the left column and then you’ll see a variety of ‘filters’ — one of those specifically allows you to check tax-deductibility in any country.

If you aren’t logged in, you can view all projects and filter based on tax-deductibility from this link.

What are some of the resources I can access as a B1G1 partner?
  • Full Rights to use the B1G1 logo and branding
  • Real-time impact statistics and reporting
  • Real-time easy-to-use Giving Widgets for your website
  • Full use of the Business for Good Logo and Branding
  • Business for Good interactive map display
  • Business Listing on the B1G1 site
  • Downloadable Gratitude Certificate templates
  • Automatic tracking of your giving influence
  • Regular webinar sessions to keep learning and connecting
  • Invitation to B1G1 Study Tours
  • Create Giving Stories to share with your team & clients
  • Access to over 800+ high impact projects
  • Ability to create Giving Campaigns to involve others in your community
How much does it cost to join?

Membership fee ranges from US$220-940 per annum, depending on the size of your business, with a one-time set-up fee of US$200. This covers the administrative costs of setting up the account, maintenance of the platform, access to resources, and the geocoding of your business so that you can dynamically track where your giving makes an impact in the world from the Business for Good map.

See the full list of membership options here.

Is the membership fee separate from the donations?

Yes. Your membership of the B1G1 Initiative goes a long way to help us sustain what we do so we can continue to innovate, to add new ways of doing things, to source, assess and monitor high-impact projects. And most importantly too, your membership lets us give back to you with great resources enabling you to transform the way you do business.

Can I transfer the partnership to another business later?

Normally, B1G1 Partnership belongs to one company and is not transferable. However, if you changed your business or started a new business, you can contact us to request a transfer. If the business belongs to the same owner, we can usually transfer the account.






How do I give?


Giving is simple. Just log-in to your account, select a project that you want to support, and process your giving online via Paypal. It’s that easy!


How can I share my impacts?


There are various tools available for you to share you impacts in a simple and impactful manner. Within your account, you will find embed codes for Gratitude Certificates, Impact Widgets, and the Business for Good map that you can use for your own site. These fall under the CONNECT tab.


Where can I find the gratitude certificates?


Gratitude certificates can be found here. You have to log-in to access them. There are a variety of templates available to match your preferences.

Where can I find the giving widget?


The giving widget can be found here. You have to log-in to access them. There are 2 types of giving widgets – the Impact Counter, and the Live Impact Map. Through these widgets, you see the real tangible impacts that your giving creates around the world.

How do I update my widget?


The new widgets were released in Feb 2016, any widget code that was implemented before this period will no longer be updated in real-time. To update your widget to the latest version, simply log-in and go to this page, copy the new embed code, and replace the old code on your site.




What are the main benefits of B1G1 to us?

B1G1 offers you a cost-free way to connect with small businesses and individuals in a host of different countries, who may be interested in donating to your cause.

We will help you describe your organisation’s programs in a way that is highly meaningful and motivating to our members.

And once your group is approved and registered, the process is effortless: B1G1 administers any contributions from its members and remits 100% of the donated funds to your organisation (we now also top up the credit card processing fees deducted by the banks).

How can we join B1G1?

There are a few steps for the application.

First, we ask you to complete a preliminary questionnaire. You will submit it along with a copy of your registration certificate and your Annual Report from the previous year. The application is then evaluated by the B1G1 Giving Board. In this process, we may ask you to submit up to past 2 years of Audited Accounts.

The Board applies specific criteria to evaluate your organisation and its likelihood of benefitting from B1G1’s Giving Engine.

If the Board approves, our B1G1 team will ask you to complete a full profile, and to provide more detailed information about the specific projects that could be listed on our site.

Currently, there is no cost for the application and membership for Worthy Causes since the operation of B1G1 is fully funded by the Business Membership Program.

Find out more about the process of joining as a B1G1 Worthy Cause here.

What requirements do we need to meet to be part of B1G1?

The B1G1 Giving Board applies a two-tiered set of criteria, which are described in detail here.

It also conducts additional due diligence regarding your organisation, to confirm its reputation for honesty and effectiveness.

Do we need to do anything to maintain our membership?

Your principal obligation is to apply the donated funds to the intended projects, within 3-6 months of your receipt of the funds (exceptions may be granted in unusual circumstances).

You are also encouraged to send B1G1 any updates about your projects and new pictures and resources.

To ensure that the contributions received through B1G1 can always fulfil the intended Worthy Cause activities, you have the responsibility to review the projects listed and the indicated costs. Failing to do so may lead to termination of your membership.

We review the status of each Worthy Cause annually to confirm our view of its effectiveness and integrity. This includes a review of your annual report and financial statements, web searches, and other due diligence deemed appropriate by the Board.

We reserve the right to discontinue memberships based on concerns raised by our reviews, or if a charity does not generate sufficient interest from our members to make remittances to it cost-effective.

What kind of projects can we list on the B1G1 website?

You can list all types of different projects. However, a project you list on B1G1 needs to be one of your main regular activities. You cannot list a project that you are planning to work on since we have a responsibility to fulfil our promise regardless of the amount of funds actually raised for the project.

We have also found that it’s most meaningful for our members if your programs are broken down into discrete units that people can support.

For example, you might break your child feeding program into three separate projects on B1G1 – the amount needed to feed a child for a month, for a week, and for a single day (or a single meal).

Listing projects in this way makes them much more concrete and real for our members, and helps to encourage contributions.

Which types of projects attract more support from B1G1 members?

In general, the more specific your projects are, the greater their chances are of appealing to donors.

Some projects are successful because they seem to offer high impact for a low cost. On the other hand, certain projects become popular because of their location, or their beneficiaries, or even because they seem particularly timely in view of current events.

Having a good project title, description and a picture also makes a difference.

Will B1G1 help us to define and describe our programs, so that the projects we list have the best chance of success on the site?


We will work closely with you throughout the process, as we want your projects to be as clear and as motivating as possible.

Can we track funds that are being donated to our projects through B1G1? How quickly will we receive the funds?

Our online Giving Engine tracks donations to your projects continuously, so you will be able to log in and easily check how much you’re accruing in contributions.

To avoid incurring bank fees for small transfers, we wait until at least SG$500 in contributions have accumulated before transferring funds. Once your account reaches that amount, we transfer the funds to you in the following month. If the accumulated total contribution amount for your organisation is less than SG$500, B1G1 Giving will rollover the remittance to minimise the bank charges incurred through the transfer.

Remittances are made on the 20th (or within 5 days) of each month for the previous month’s contributions.

Why is the remittance in Singapore Dollars (SGD)?

B1G1 Giving, that manages all contributions is registered and located in Singapore.

And to ensure the consistency, accuracy and cost effectiveness of the fund management, all contributions made on our website are converted in Singapore dollars using the latest currency rates. B1G1 fully remits 100% of the amount to you even topping up the credit card processing fees charged by the bank. We ensure that we are accountable for every dollar and cent to help your organisation achieve more.

When you receive the remittance, it will be automatically converted into your own currency by your local bank (the conversion rates vary depending on the bank you are using).

What kind of reports will we receive from B1G1?

We will send you detailed monthly reports that show not only the total amount you’ve raised, but the amounts for each individual project. You will also see if the contribution was made by a business donor or individual donor.

Will we be able to communicate directly with the donors?

To protect the privacy of B1G1 Members and Partners and keep things simple, we have recently revised our communication processes. This means that you do not receive donors contact details and you are no longer allowed to contact donors directly. However, B1G1 ensures that all the donors supporting your projects receive acknowledgement and information about the project. You will also receive statements for the clear breakdown of all contributions and you can access this information online any time. Please update us when you have any changes, new pictures and other resources. And if any donor requests additional information from you, we’ll facilitate the communication.


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