The power of any idea is only ever in its implementation.

Here’s how to put it to work brilliantly in your firm


Steve Pipe and the entire B1G1 team have put this superb package together for you so that you (and your team) are able to take massive advantage quickly of the processes outlined in the core ‘Get and Give a Million’ system.

First, what’s in the package?

It’s a package that doesn’t just give you full B1G1: Business for Good Membership (at just £1 per day too!), it gives you seriously significant levels of support to add revenue, profit, impact meaning and purpose not just to your firm, but to the clients you serve as well.

With the full B1G1: Business for Good Membership you’ll be able to make more impacts in and on our world than you ever imagined. And in addition to that you’ll receive:

      • All of the B1G1 resources, the high impact projects, the maps, the widgets and the simplicity of use which so effectively help to transform your firm.
      • The B1G1 roadmap and a one to one Zoom with a B1G1 team member to get you started
      • As-you-need-it, on demand access to B1G1 for additional implementation support
      • 3 Mastermind group meetings with Steve Pipe and Paul Dunn via Zoom over the first 3 months of implementation
      • Inspiration from a unique library of case studies (both video and text) showing how accountants around the world have used B1G1 to transform the firms
      • The powerful system Steve Pipe uses to help Accountants use easy-to-run and powerful web events to win new clients by launching GAGAM

And as something special

As an extra way of congratulating you for investing in this B1G1 GAGAM IMPLEMENTATION programme, a family in Cambodia will get access to clean water and enough seeds to grow vegetables to feed them for an entire year (the impact this creates will be automatically reflected in your B1G1 Widgets, Maps and so on).


How do I get all of this?

Easily done; simply click the button below, complete the details and you’re really ready-to-go. We’re really looking forward to serving you, to helping you implement the ideas and to seeing the great results that follow. Together we’ll be seeing that the power of any idea really is in its implementation.