GIVING BUSINESS — Creating the Maximum Impact in a Meaning-Driven World

Unlock the Power of Giving

GivingBusiness-CoverGIVING BUSINESS is a book that brings a revolutionary perspective to business giving and provides entirely new insights into what it really takes to maximize your impact in today’s meaning-driven world.

Masami Sato, founder of the global giving initiative, Buy1GIVE1, takes you on a fascinating journey—one that leads you back to the origins of business, to her unique Japanese heritage and to the real reason why you are in business.

In this book, you will discover:

 – how we have been doing so many things in counter-productive ways (and what we can be doing instead)

 – how companies with a strong sense of purpose and caring are able to rise above the competition

 – how you can maximize your personal, social and enterprise impact to shape our world in brand new ways

 – how you can establish a giving culture in your business that leads to lasting success and enjoyment

You will see how making an impact can be done by more businesses than ever before simply by thinking (and then acting) in a very different way.


GIVING BUSINESS is available on Amazon and Kindle



The foundation of a ‘Giving Business’ is to care more than the competition — to be driven by the difference your business will make in the lives of the people it touches. This is the secret to doing meaningful work. Masami writes from the heart about something she knows and lives every day.

Bernadette Jiwa, International Best-Selling Author

As a publisher, writing coach and mentor, I read and work on many excellent books all the time. Giving Business is an outstanding piece of work summarizing and elaborating Masami Sato’s change-making vision for the business community. Reading it has inspired me to reframe my own entrepreneurial outlook and relationships with colleagues, clients and partners. I thoroughly recommend any business owner to make use of this gift of a book.

Lucy McCarraher, Author and Publisher

A profoundly important book that every business owner must read. It will open your eyes to an exciting and joyful future, and make it remarkably simple to make your business more successful and impactful than you ever dared to imagine. “

Steve Pipe, Author of ‘The world’s most inspiring accountants’

” Masami majestically weaves together the reality of where we are, with our dreams of how the world could be. As a thought leader and action taker in the field of Giving Businesses, she gives practical examples of how to build a business that gives, supports and looks after others without sacrifice or loss. A must read for anyone that cares about the world we leave behind. “

Nicholas Haines, Creator of The Vitality Test

” A compelling book that might just change your meaning of being successful! Giving Business is essential reading for anyone with the purpose of living a truly connected life and business, how to create the most rewarding journey you can ever have, and how to be part of creating a world that you truly want to belong to. Simple, clear and always inspiring, it will change the way you think – at work, at home, every day. “

Else Vistisen, Founder of Else Vistisen Therapy

” Masami provides a powerful, proven roadmap for re-energizing how we do business, make a difference and transform lives. In a world awash with quick fixes, overnight trends and short-term focus, this is hands down the best way I’ve ever seen to create genuine, sustainable positive impact, woven seamlessly into doing what we already do in our businesses. “

Matthew Newnham, Soul Centered Branding Specialist