Invite others to give to your favourite
causes and expand your impact


Inviting others to give to your favourite projects just became easier, now that campaigns are available for your Business and Team Member accounts.

You can pick up to 5 of your favourite projects, and invite your networks to support them too. Simply embed the campaign easily onto your website.

How can you use the Campaign feature?

Birthday Gift Campaign

You can set up a special campaign to celebrate your team member’s birthday.

Disaster Relief Campaign

You can set up a temporary disaster relief campaign.

Anniversary Campaign

Invite your community to celebrate your company’s anniversary through giving.

Thank You Campaign

You can add a giving section on your website that people visit after shopping on your online store.

Why you might want to encourage others to give


Studies after studies find that giving makes us happier.

B1G1’s Campaign feature allows you to spread the joy of giving by engaging your network to give to your favourite causes, celebrating your special moments and occasions.

Its a fantastic way to show your network how our small giving can create a big impact on the lives of many. And the total giving coming through your campaigns gets added to your Leveraged Giving Impacts as well.

After completing this quick and simple giving process, people will also get the opportunity to learn about this business giving initiative. So, please share and help create a world that’s full of giving!


Engage with your networks in new and meaningful ways.