Link everything you do in business to a cause and give easily on the go.



Creating your own Giving Stories in B1G1 makes it easy for you to link what you do in business to over 500 high impact projects. You can even link your giving to special events and milestones in your business. Giving Stories are easily embeddable into your site.

You can create Giving Stories like “When I sell product, I give 100 days of education to a child.”, or even a Personal Giving Story like “When I have a cup of coffee, I give access to clean water to someone in need.


Your Giving Stories can now be automated via Zapier to make it much more seamless and almost real-time.

Once you’ve set up the Zaps between your business apps and B1G1, whenever your specified activity occurs on the apps, your Giving Stories will be automagically added to the Giving Cart.

Learn more about the automations you can create in our launch blogpost, or check out the video tutorial and step-by-step user guide to get started.


The Impact Now app makes giving on the move so much easier for you. Now you can easily embed giving into everything you do in business…and in your personal life too.

Show your Giving Stories easily to others through your phone and add giving impacts into your giving cart on the go.

Impact Now is available for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

What’s Your Giving Story?

Simple, Clear One-for-One

You can link a specific giving activity to your product or service to create a resonant Giving Story.

Giving for a Client

You can link your giving to every new client created, or every service delivered. It’s easy to customise your giving.

Giving for Achievements

Even if you do not have a fixed product, you can link giving to your business activities. For example, completing a project, conducting a team meeting, or sending an email.

Anniversary Giving

You can incorporate giving into every celebration in your business. Sharing the joy and gratitude creates more happiness too.

Giving Stories do more than you think…

Some people might initially feel that creating Giving Stories means ‘showing off’. It’s actually not. And that’s true for at least two reasons.

First, you don’t have to ‘publicise’ your stories; you can use them just for internal purposes, to make it easier for you to link specific actions to giving and to create a giving habit. Our world is full of challenges: but if every business created a great giving habit and gave back in the way they believed in, we could solve many problems together.

Second, you can inspire other businesses to start giving back too by sharing your own Giving Stories.

In B1G1, we work with all kinds of businesses that have a range of different products, services and beliefs. By harnessing and sharing their desire to make a difference in their own unique ways, we can collectively make a much larger difference through the carefully-selected wide range of projects in B1G1.


Engage with your networks in new and meaningful ways.