Join The B1G1 Giving Board to make a real difference.


B1G1 is a global giving initiative based in Singapore. It helps businesses around the world incorporate giving into their business model by providing them with a simple program and platform and access to carefully selected high-impact projects that resonate with them and their customers. Since 2007, B1G1 has worked with 2,300+ businesses which have resulted in over 140 million giving impacts.

B1G1 gives businesses the ability to make a real difference through effective giving. And it also provides tools and resources to make their giving habitual and connecting. 100% of giving made by B1G1 Businesses are forwarded to carefully selected high-impact projects.


B1G1 initiatives are currently run by two organizations. BUY1GIVE1 PTE LTD is a registered company in Singapore (it is a Social Enterprise and also a B Corp) and it runs the business membership program and promotes the giving program to businesses. B1G1 GIVING is a registered Society in Singapore which oversees the charity partner selection processes and the contribution management. This year, B1G1 is looking to move B1G1 GIVING to US and establish it as a US 501(c)(3).

In advance of this move, B1G1 is looking for 1-2 additional committee board members who can provide strategic guidance for establishing B1G1 GIVING in the US and for the ongoing improvement and development of the organization.

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Requirements for B1G1 Giving Board Members

Each board member serves by:

– attending five Board Meetings (online) per year where key decisions are made regarding governance and development

– joining in special project groups based on your expertise and interest

– participating in ad-hoc communications (e.g. email/Skype) when needed

– typically contributing 6-10 hours each quarter (but if you are happy to contribute more, you can do more)

We are looking for a person who has a passion for making a difference in the world, has senior management/leadership experience at an established company or non-profit, enjoys networking and making connections, has a track record of growing an organization or team.

Ideally the person resides in the Pacific Time Zone (for ease of scheduling meetings) in US and available to come on a call in the late afternoon or evening to cordinate with other board members who are based in different countries. Ideal board members also bring a functional expertise in Strategic Development, Marketing/PR Communications, Systems and Data Analysis, and/or NGO Management.

The minimum tenure commitment is 1 year.


Contact us to find out more and apply to join the board.