How it works for business

BUY1GIVE1 (B1G1) is a global business giving initiative that makes it easy for small-medium sized businesses to give to and support great projects from around the world. Through the power of small, thousands of small businesses giving small amounts creates huge impacts in the world.

When your business joins the B1G1 Business for Good community, you are connected to like-minded business owners around the globe. You also get access to great tools and resources to share your giving impact with your networks.

Give easily to over 800 projects across various categories through our online giving platform.


The Membership Model




B1g1 is funded by a unique business membership model. The membership fee allows us to sustainably develop the resources necessary to support your business, leveraging and deepening your impact.

Our administrative costs and all bank charges are completely covered by your membership fee. This means 100% of your contributions go directly to the projects you choose to support.


B1G1 and the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent the global community’s next step in ending poverty, fighting inequality, and tackling climate change.

B1G1 helps align your business to the 17 global SDGs, by allowing you to track your giving impact in relation to the goals.

Learn more about that here.


Today, the desire to give is on the rise. Yet surprisingly, less than 6% of giving is through businesses. And that 6% is comprised almost entirely of donations from large corporations. Smaller businesses haven’t had the tools necessary to make powerful and effective contributions that are aligned with their goals.

With B1G1, your business makes a real difference: water to those who have none, safety for Orangutans in Borneo, supporting orphans and impoverished children, planting trees… you choose precisely and simply how you want to impact lives.

You now have choice, flexibility, and transparency. Plus, because of our unique business membership model, 100% of your giving goes to the projects you select. You become a part of something great. And you get to share the official Business for Good mark as well.

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We designed B1G1 to make it really easy for SME business to be a part of it.
Already, nearly 2,000 businesses around the world have done that, and together we’ve created over 88 million giving impacts.

When you are a member of the B1G1 Business for Good Community, you get access to tools and resources to share your giving

Learn More About the Tools and Resources

If you’d like more information about how B1G1 can work for your business, join in the Learn About B1G1 Web Event, happening every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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