How to integrate your giving message on your website… and more.

Our members often ask us for ‘the best way’ to incorporate their giving message on their websites. Indeed, we usually recommend that all our members create a special page to express their impact and their business mission.

Of course, it’s easy to embed the B1G1 Widget, or you can use the B1G1 Business for Good media kit and link to the B1G1 website. We are always here to help you with technical and copywriting aspects of your articulation of your involvement with B1G1.

Saying that, the most important thing about what you display on your special Impact Page is your genuine sharing; the belief you have as a business, the compassion you feel as a person, and the joy you experience through your giving.

We’ve listed some examples for you below (as well as in this blog post). And we hope you will share your own beautiful page with us too!

Adding B1G1 to your products…

If you have a retail business, you might want to add the B1G1 message and branding to your product packaging and labels too. We’ve listed some examples below for you. You can also ask for specific graphics from us and we always love being part of your product design process.


Should you be overt or covert?

Sometimes, people ask us whether the businesses that join B1G1 do so to give genuinely or to get more customers by presenting themselves attractively.

While we cannot speak for everyone, we do believe that all B1G1 businesses are giving because they care and want to do great things with their business. We believe in this because that’s how we communicate when we ask businesses to consider joining us.

The reason we encourage every business in B1G1 to communicate their WHY—why they chose to give—is because we believe that the only way to create a world that’s full of giving is by encouraging every business to implement regular giving activities.

But that does not mean that we are asking everyone to always express their giving overtly. It is ok not to tell anyone about your giving if you want to give privately. And sometimes, you might just want to express your gratitude to your team and customers, for the part they play in making your business greater and in turn creating even greater impacts together.

We hope you’ll find the best way for you to express your joy, your gratitude, and your belief. By seeing what you do, the team at B1G1 learns too.

Any questions or feedback?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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