A mastermind group is simply a meeting of highly motivated folks
who share a common goal and are looking to encourage and help each other improve.




Work – Local dentist in Chatswood (the heart of north shore in Sydney, Australia) for over 18 years by 2017. Running a small clinic composed of 4 team members with a big heart to serve the community. A strong believer to deliver High-Quality dental care rather than just focusing on high-end dental products. Professional competency to look after 3 generations of clients to date. We are not just good at treating dental problems, we connect with people. Everyone deserves an outstanding healthy smile which makes the world a better place by bringing significant changes in life!

Family – Blessed with a loving husband, Robert Wong, and two beautiful children (aged 6 and 4 in 2017). Longing to spend more quality time with them because I am still struggling to find a good balance between family and work at this stage. Rob believes that the world is abundant and the future is better than you think. Provided that you have faith to dream BIG to reach for the stars and have the right mindset to work hard (and smart) with determination and dedication, people can be happy and wealthy for life.


I prefer face-to-face local small group of masterminds gathering periodically over a cuppa. However, a Skype or phone conference meeting is fine too if it is not practical to achieve in people’s busy lifestyle.

TUESDAYS (any time 10am to 4pm, Sydney AEST= UTC+10 in summer with daylight saving time) or
FRIDAYS (can be arranged if notify in advance)


Newbie with first giving started in September 2017


We want to connect with like-minded people to take us to the next level. We want to join on the path to significance. By sharing experiences, exchanging knowledge, accessing to new resources, we can grow exponentially. By assisting each other and reminding each other of the compound effect of giving, we can become socially responsible and positively influential people. Together, a group of good leaders of small businesses can achieve the Powerful Impact to the World as legendary leaders.