Connecting you directly to your favourite causes!

This is a B1G1 first. In celebration of B1G1’s 8th Anniversary and annual Joy Of Giving Week, we bring to you a series of online interviews called ‘Impact on the Ground’. Watch the recordings to connect with the projects you’ve been supporting.

Session 1:

Bombay Mothers and Children Welfare Society & Academy of Root Development

So, how do you make a lasting difference (and what Steve Jobs would call ‘a dent’) in a country with 1.2 Billion people?

In this insightful session, two answers come out – children and women.

Here you meet Graeme Batterbury and Wendy Royston and Dr. Madhav Sathe with different ‘constituents’ but with strikingly similar. And you’ll see how they’re applying scale and innovation to make just a massive difference, but a lasting one.


Session 2:

New Ways & MicroLoan Foundation

If ever you wanted to get a sense of how tiny things make HUGE differences, this is a must watch.
You’ll hear New Ways CEO, Angela Docherty, inspire you with stories of the impact being made in Kenya and Ethiopa (together with some magic peace initiatives with kids at school PLUS a wonderful video of just what kids can do).
Then Brian Keen with MicroLoan Foundation gives us a superb ‘take’ on the power not just of small, but on the power of women to make huge differences and the ripple effect that it has through Malawi.
Let us bring it all together for you in a joyous way too. Must watch, uplifting stuff and inspiring insights.


Session 3:

Free to Shine & Sala Bai Hotel and Restaurant School

Meet two amazing women doing staggering things to make a HUGE difference: Mayelle Barbier from Sala Bai and Nicky Mih, a former Life Coach who now leads the seriously wonderful Free to Shine.

Sala Bai creates opportunities for young Cambodians in extraordinary ways while Free to Shine works with 470 young women rescued from the sex traffickers and building the structure to multiply that dramatically over the next 12 months.

This is ‘lump-in-your-throat’ inspiring stuff that lifts your spirits in extraordinary ways. Watch, listen, learn and take action on all you experience here. It’s brilliantly beautiful.


Session 4:

World Youth International & So They Can

Critical moments. We all have them. And they become life-changing.
On this inspiring Impact on the Gound session with Cassandra Treadwell and Celia Boyd, you’ll see the stunning results from following your passion; from refusing to run away from what looks like horrific situations.
And you’ll see smile.. after smile.. after smile. [Oh and towards the end, you’ll see the surprising impact of goats, and goats, and goats.]
This one session received more positive feedback so far than any other in the series. Check in and experience it for yourself. Doing that might just be – a critical moment.


Session 5:

Child Aid & This Life Cambodia

Martin Wilcox and Hayley Lee Allen make this a very special final day of B1G1’s Joy of Giving Week/Impact on the Ground.
Here Martin shows us the great work (and for B1G1 it’s new work) going on in Eastern Europe with Child Aid and then we fly across live to Hayley Lee in Cambodia to look at the amazing work (wait until you hear about their prisons program) done by This Life Cambodia.
It’s lump in the throat stuff from beginning to end. And at the end, host and B1G1 Chairman, Paul Dun, lets us in on a personal story that adds to the impact of B1G1’s 8th Birthday celebrations.
Join in here on the video. You’ll LOVE it too.


Have you seen your smile? 

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