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This ‘JOG’ is the Best Father’s Day Gift Idea. Here’s why.

Dads are always the hardest to shop for. They find clothes boring, and lose interest in new toys and gadgets after 10 minutes. It’s kind of like shopping for a toddler, except you can’t get automatic points for candy.

So what can you give your dad for Father’s Day this year? Something that he will appreciate for longer than an hour?

What about a gift that will make physical fitness not just tolerable, but meaningful and enjoyable?

We’ve got you covered. Sign your dad up to be a JOGger in this year’s Buy1GIVE1 Joy of Giving Week Fund-race. Here are six reasons why this is the greatest gift ever.

1. He’ll love the convenience and ease.

After putting up with you and raising your siblings, life for dad is exhausting. Making time for physical fitness might not be a priority (or maybe it is and he’ll need no convincing).

The great part about JOG Week is that it is virtual. Unlike other races, place and time is irrelevant. He can walk, run, or jog any time of the day—as much as he wants, wherever he wants. He’ll still be motivated by the competition, and with literally every step making a difference, he’ll keep moving all week long.

2. He’ll be healthier (obviously), but also happier.

Exercise releases endorphins, so if he keeps moving, he’ll be happier as a direct result. A full week of happiness is quite a gift, and he’ll have you to thank.

Then of course there are the more obvious health benefits of cardio that include getting your heart rate up, increasing your metabolism, improving your sleep quality, etc.

3. You’ll give him the joy of giving back, which is what this is all about.

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Jogging itself might not be high-impact, but this event certainly is. You can pick out any one of Buy1GIVE1’s 800+ high impact projects that you think he’ll care about.

Then, help recruit ‘sponsors’ to give to your dad’s designated project. Buy1GIVE1 gives you access to a personal campaign page, so that he can truly see the impact he & his network is making. He’ll see regular updates showing his contributions, which will make him feel great on another level.

4. This will bring back his competitive side (in a good way).

It’s probably been awhile since he’s coached your little league team, and let’s face it, he likes a little competition (outside of the workplace). And since you’ve deprived him of that in recent years, it’s only fair that you give him this opportunity to win.

With daily challenges, Buy1GIVE1 will keep his competitive juices flowing and make every day enjoyable and entertaining.

5. It’s something you can do together.

Just because you’ve registered dad, doesn’t mean you are off the hook. You can (and should) join the JOG as well, not only to show your support, but to share the joy of giving and exercising with him too!

You can either fund-race with him, or against him. Either way, it should be a great way for the two of you to connect!

6. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

Hopefully this will be such a positive experience for your dad that he’ll make a habit out of both jogging and giving. He can even continue using his Buy1GIVE1 account and making great things happen around the world because of it!

Register your dad today and surprise him with the news on Father’s Day (June 19), the day before the challenge begins! It will be too late at that point for him to decline, but he’ll thank you later. He’ll just feel so wonderful after the week, both physically and emotionally.

Joy of Giving (JOG) week is an annual celebration of Buy1GIVE1’s birthday. This year, Buy1GIVE1 is taking JOG week literally and hosting a virtual jog-walk-run, sharing the joy of giving around the world. Register and find out more here:

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