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Kerrie Phipps – Giving with Goosebumps and Grateful Tears

When we talked to Kerrie Phipps, she had just returned from a visit to the famous Kokoda trail in New Guinea with her mother and grandfather, and she had a new appreciation for both the civilized and the developing world.

Kerrie is a well known speaker, author and coach. She’s usually on the road doing presentations and meeting clients, and that’s where she met B1G1 Chairman Paul Dunn, at a seminar in Sydney last May. She was there to hear a friend speak, and stayed for Paul’s presentation. Kerrie immediately liked what she heard, and thought ‘I’ve got to get into this’!

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She said later: “Paul talked about how coffee shops give water to a child for a day when you buy a cup of coffee. I wanted to hear more about how it all worked. It made my jaw drop. Just be a part of it and away you go…fabulous.”

She talked to her husband and business partner Lyndon about joining B1G1. He loved the idea too. So now everything they do gives back through B1G1. For example, for each one of Kerrie’s books (‘Lifting the Lid on Quiet Achievers’) someone buys, they plant a fruit tree in India. “And if a client pays for a coaching package, there’s a list of things we select from,” Lyndon told us:

“For every session Kerrie delivers, we fund a week’s wages for a teacher in Cambodia. We see a nice tie-in between coaching entrepreneurs and community leaders and then, through B1G1, helping to provide skills training in developing countries. We’re essentially helping different people to reach their goals in a different way.”

The Phipps team has a special email they send to each client too, outlining how their coaching session with Kerrie has helped a family in India or Cambodia. “We’re very much into education,” Kerrie commented, “and helping people make things happen for their own families. At the end of our courses we celebrate our clients’ success as participants, congratulating them on the changes they’ve made in their community, and point out how they’ve helped the world community through B1G1. I must say there have been goose bumps and grateful tears!”


Lyndon shared with us a ‘Thank You’ note he’d recently sent to B1G1: ‘Whew! B1G1 has taken a weight off our shoulders. Our whole business is about changing people’s lives and empowering them to create the life they want. For many years we had wanted our business to help others, to further our impact through donations, but it was always hit and miss at best. Thank you for giving us the structure that makes it so easy to achieve our goal to be generous on every occasion. It makes us, and our clients, feel great.’

The slogan on Kerrie’s website says — “Inspiring. Connecting. Cheering You On.” The team at B1G1 agree. Kerrie and Lyndon do all of that and more!


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