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KOBOMO – Giving With ‘Swing Tags’

kobomo_storyiconWe’ve written before about Karen Omerod and her wonderful KOBOMO store on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

And now, barely 9 weeks after joining B1G1, Karen’s involving more and more people in the giving process — in effect, she’s doing what our good friend and ‘Start with Why’ author, Simon Sinek refers to as ‘putting your why front and centre’.

Karen’s done it with some brilliantly designed swing tags — those ‘labels’ that swing from dresses on the racks in stores. By working together with Karen (that’s all part of B1G1 Membership), these swing tags say it really well:


Through the tags, Karen’s adding significantly to the  ‘connecting’ she’s already doing. And connecting is a central part of B1G1’s 3-pronged Connect, Impact, Habit ‘messaging’.

Here’s just one example of how it works for Karen:

“We had a really connected moment today. A new customer (late 50’s, and very stylish) came in and bought 5 new garments for upcoming conference in NZ (we had quite a chat throughout the choice/try on process as normal!).  I gave her a small ‘gift with purchase’ and said we also thank our customers for each item they purchase by providing a meal for a child in need. She was amazed and after walking out of the shop she came rushing back in and gave me a huge hug.  Love it!”

Karen explains that when she opened our shop in 2011, she really had little idea of the impact it could have on people. kobomo3

“I knew people would love the cotton fabrics and quirky styles I tend to lean toward with my designs as I have been selling them at various markets for some years. Yet what is evolving daily in the boutique through our connection with so many women is an enriching social fabric.”

Karen says that she often refers to the shop as ‘Have-A-Chat-Central’. “I love that people now walk in daily just to say ‘Hi’, catch-up, share a story or show off their latest outfit. It’s not just clothing we help with, it’s a need to connect.

And clearly, Karen does connect really, really well.

She also applies another part of the B1G1 messaging — that of ‘HABIT’ — she does her B1G1 giving every day — literally. “It just reminds me of what this is really all about,” she says.

kobomo2“And being part of B1G1 for a little while now has helped bring some of the clarity and focus I have struggled with since opening the shop. It is such a relief.  It’s not just the habit of giving that has such an impact. It’s about being really connected to who I am. I’m really loving it.”

“Our little local shop is also making a difference in the lives of people internationally. The KOBOMO range is manufactured by a very talented young Mum (and budding entrepreneur) in her home-based studio in Bangkok. We collaborate daily on our designs and have come to share as many pictures of our kids as our fabrics! Our cross-cultural connection has made a life-changing impact on ourselves and our families.”

And she sums it up beautifully like this:

“I had never imagined operating a business that could change people’s lives. Making a real difference in our world by just doing what we do normally is a transforming experience.”

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