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On 25 September 2015, world leaders convened to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They set 17 targets for the global community to achieve by 2030 in ending poverty, fighting inequality and injustice and tackling climate change. There is no greater call for businesses to make a powerful and lasting difference in our world.

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This book is curated by B1G1 – the global business giving initiative that makes it meaningful, powerful and deeply connecting for businesses to give. With more than 10 years of continuous innovation, pioneering and powering the Business for Good movement, we’ve made more than 180 million giving impacts in the world together with the businesses who proudly belong to it.
When you’re part of B1G1, your effective giving is ensured by the unique membership model. It enables 100% of your giving to flow to 400+ carefully selected projects around the world, making sure every cent you give makes a positive impact.
Enjoy your chapter of LEGACY. And as you read you may well feel that adding B1G1 impactful giving to your business is right for you as well.

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