Leveraging Your Giving Footprint

One of the ‘tucked away’ and yet most surprising features B1G1 gives you is the Leveraged Giving Impact (LGI) tracking feature.

When you invite others to B1G1, you are automatically increasing your giving footprint (meaning the giving impacts you have). The B1G1 system automatically tracks your relationships (whether they are your team members or customers/clients), and adds up the giving impacts created by your connections to produce your LGIs.

This connection is tracked through many levels. We call it multi-level giving. It’s another example of the depth we go to in B1G1 to make your giving even more important than you’d possibly ever imagined.

3 ways to increase your Giving Footprint

If you want to create ripples of giving around you, here are some things you can do to spread the joy of giving.

Send email invitations.

Invite your team members and contacts to B1G1. When they click on the invitation link in the email, they are linked to your page automatically.

Invite people to our events.

If you want to find a way to introduce B1G1 to others, you might invite them to one of our future events. Check out what’s coming up here.

Share your story.

Share your Giving Stories to inspire more businesses to create their own Giving Stories too. Remember to send them your referral code for joining and you both receive a ‘power of small‘ gift from us!

Creating a world full of giving.

The reason B1G1 focuses on working with a wide variety of small-to-medium sized businesses is because we know that we can never change our world alone.

There are so many different issues around the world. One action alone cannot solve all the problems we have. And it requires many small improvements to create real, lasting change.

So when different types of businesses across the globe find their own unique ways to make a difference, positive global change can be created through the power of small. It’s like many small bees pollinating different kinds of flowers together to create a world full of abundance.

Any questions or feedback?

We look forward to hearing from you!


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