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Lewis Ballard Accountants – It’s Only Human Nature

lewisballard_storyLewis Ballard Accountants was the first B1G1 business partner in Wales. “As a company, we have always done our best to raise funds and support local charities,” HR Manager Janet Ballard commented, “but apart from our annual charity dinner in aid of our local Cancer Hospital, which raised over £33,000 in three years, everything was often done on an ad hoc basis.”

Then the firm discovered B1G1 and became a proud part of a worldwide giving community. “We chose projects from several different countries,” said Janet. “Supplying medication and goats in Kenya, education in Cambodia, clean water in Malawi, fruit trees in Indonesia, youth development in South Africa and feeding rescued children in India. Each project is supported by a different service that we provide, so that the team and clients know that someone is helped each time a service is completed.”Smile1 (4) - edited

B1G1 Chairman Paul Dunn came to speak to Lewis Ballard clients in Cardiff, and several of them signed up for B1G1 straight-away. Justin Roberts of Isca Dental in Cardiff was one of them. “The B1G1 concept is fantastic,” he told us, “All donations go straight to the cause. It’s great having a list of causes to choose from, and I like it that B1G1 is sincere and professional.”

Louise Rohman is part of the team at Lewis Ballard. She’s become an enthusiastic champion of B1G1, and has always been a positive influence on the giving process within the company.

Louise explained her active involvement this way: “B1G1 is an idea that reaches back to very basic human nature, which is to help others wherever possible. To have the luxury of working and doing something I love is a blessing, but to be able to have an impact and help others by doing what we do anyway is wonderful! We link our company activities to each B1G1 project, and this regularly brings home to us the positive impact that we’re making every day.”

117 Lewis BallardThe Lewis Ballard Accounting team selects each group of projects on a six-monthly basis, discussing plans and getting updates at monthly meetings.

“It really adds purpose and meaning to everything we do.” concluded Janet Ballard. “To think that so far we have already created over a quarter million impacts to help people in need is truly amazing!”

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