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Make a Dent in the Universe – Better Business, Better Life, Better World

My legacy is not what survives me after I die.

Instead, it’s what defines me while I live.

If I can live a good life, a life that allows me to die well; to me, that’s a legacy worth living.

It takes a brave and courageous spirit to live well.  

It’s been true in my life, as it will be true in yours.

The brave (let’s call them courageous) live lives of wild adventure. Yet sometimes there will be paths you need to walk alone. And that will require all your courage. Facing your fears will always feel uncomfortable, so always remember this: Discomfort precede history. When we’re feeling at our most confronted is when we’re about to be victorious.

The second principle I would say with a bigger smile, a twinkle in my eye and two knobby fingers waving in the air, ‘is to have fun’.

So much of your time in this precious life will be dedicated to your relationships and earning a living. Make sure both are fun. Keep score. If people in your life stop making you happy, let them go and if the career you choose stops making you happy, change it.

The final principle I’ve done my best to live by is to do my part in making what people today call a ‘Dent in the universe’. Something that seriously moves our world and/or the experience of it forward in amazing ways.

Set your sights high and set them on something that will truly serve to improve the lives of the people around you.

Making a Dent doesn’t mean you need to become a global entrepreneur or leader. You may make your Dent in the universe by being an amazing mother or father, a poet or philosopher or whatever it is you choose to do.

Find a problem in the world that you’re inspired to solve and give your life to it. 

 I’ve heard many people give many excuses as to why they can’t create a real impact in the world. They will blame circumstance, they will use their obligations as justifications.

Don’t do that.

No matter what, find a way.

Remember this moment now. Re-live it your entire life.

Be brave. Have fun.

Make a Dent in the Universe.



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About Glen Carlson

Glen Carlson is the co-founder of Dent Global and the co-creator of the Key Person of Influence Accelerator Programs. Glen’s mission is to help others make their own Dent in the universe by standing out, scaling-up and giving back.