When you become a part of B1G1,
you and your team really do make the world a better place.

Change lives through your
daily business activities

You’ll Find a higher purpose by making giving part of what you do every day.

Choose high-impact projects that really
do make a difference ‘on the ground’
to ensure your giving makes the greatest
impact possible.

Track the impacts you create from giving in real time through impact counters and interactive maps.

Link as many things as you like in your
business to as many projects as you like
and give easily on the go.

create deeper relationships
with your customers

Customers love this added dimension to your relationship.

Share your giving impacts with your
networks. Show them how you’re
making a difference together.

Embed the Business for Good message
in your communication with your clients.

Invite others to give to your favorite
causes and expand your impact.

doing good does wonders for
your team

Attract and retain employees by giving them an added level of purpose in their
day-to-day responsibilities. Include them in the giving process.

Get your team involved by choosing
projects that resonate and inspire them.

Bring your team closer together by
creating giving goals that will make
significant impacts around the globe.

Join inspirational events and meet a
community of like-minded businesses
who are improving the world.

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turn on giving.

And turn on your business.