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Nepal Earthquake: It’s time to come together to help each other

UPDATE (29 May 2015): Contributions made by B1G1 partners have been forwarded to Emergency Disaster Relief organisation, International Relief Teams. Since this project was added as an emergency project, it will only be available on the B1G1 list until the 31st of May 2015.


For more details, or if you are interested in supporting other causes in Nepal, please take a look at the following link: https://www.b1g1.com/businessforgood/nepal-earthquake-update/

I’m writing this post personally and on behalf of the team and the Board of B1G1 Giving to ask for your support.

Well, actually, it was many of the B1G1 Partners who asked us first – they wanted to contribute towards the disaster relief of Nepal to help people who are affected.

As you would be aware, the situation caused by the earthquake in Nepal is continuously revealing the confronting devastation with the death toll surpassing 5,000 already.

So many have lost family members, their homes and their income source and their businesses… and they are stranded without shelter, food, water, sanitation and medical care they desperately need.

B1G1 has Worthy Cause Partners working in Nepal, and we are trying hard to get in touch with them to see what support they need to recover from the disaster. Yes, we all want to help.

And aside from this, the Board of B1G1 has decided to make emergency projects available on the B1G1 project list.

Emergency Project on B1G1: Give to Nepal Emergency Disaster Relief

We have been searching for organisations that have great experience and expertise in delivering the support and resources to disaster affected areas and we have decided to bypass the standard Worthy Cause assessment and approval process (normally it takes more than a month to complete the assessment) to quickly start collecting contributions from the B1G1 Community and pass them on to help people in Nepal (for now, your contributions via B1G1 will be forwarded to International Relief Team, a highly rated Emergency Relief Expert Organisation).

If you know of other ways in which the B1G1 community can help, please let us know.

What we can do individually or as individual businesses might be small. But through the power of the community within and around B1G1, we believe that we can help many, many people together. We also want the victims in the affected areas to know that we all care.

Sending funds would not necessarily heal the emotional devastation of people who lost their family members and friends, their hard-earned lifesavings, the comfort of their homes, their jobs and their businesses.

But these situations bring us together and remind us how connected we are. It encourages all of us to go out of our way to help others who are in greater need.

So, please do go ahead and take action.

We will also update you on the status of our Worthy Cause Partners in Nepal as we find out more about their situations.

Once again, thank you for being part of this giving community, B1G1 Business for Good, and thank you for encouraging us to take action in this emergency situation to let you make a difference in many more ways.

With love and gratitude from the B1G1 Team.

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