Join the B1G1 Business for Good Community

When you’re part of the B1G1 Business for Good community, you join a global network of purpose-driven businesses. You link the sales of your products and services to carefully selected, high-impact projects across the globe. So that when you do well in business, the world does well too.

The membership fee allows us to sustainably develop the resources necessary to support the B1G1 initative. 100% of what you give goes straight to the projects you choose to support.

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Annual Membership: USD 480

+ One-time Set-up Fee: USD 200

You can join with no risk: If you’re not delighted with the program and you let us know within 60 days, we immediately refund your membership fees.

Member tools and resources

Click on the links below to learn more about the tools and resources available for the members.

If you’d like more information about how B1G1 can work for your business, join in the Learn About B1G1 Web Event, happening every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Paul goes through some quick insights on how meaningfulness matters, and how B1G1 can bring about just that. Book your slot at the web event through the button below.