Meet the B1G1 Team

These are the people who make B1G1 what it is today. Our team personifies the spirit of giving. Whether at the forefront of selecting worthy causes, meeting with members or creating insightful web content, we all work to create a world full of giving.


Masami Sato

Masami is the epitome of what we refer to as the power of small—she may not be tall but she is passionate. She is the guiding light behind almost every project at B1G1, from IT design to project management to guiding the culture (and even making coffee). Masami is one of the most humble and inspiring people you’ll ever meet. She’s traveled around the globe to more than 30 countries across 5 continents, and her experiences have given her a unique perspective on life and giving. Masami has an uncanny ability to help others see things from a different perspective—a wonderful, inspiring perspective.

Paul Dunn

BIG1’s biggest cheerleader, Paul is a hugely respected and admired business leader. He’s a four-time TEDx speaker and frequently travels around the world, educating businesses about B1G1 and sharing inspiring business insights. He is an expert at building up those around him and celebrating every achievement, no matter how small. Paul is a member of one of the world’s leading think-tanks and was recently honored with a Lifetime Service Award to the Accounting Profession in the UK (though he’s definitely NOT an accountant!). More recently, he was named as a Social Innovation Fellow in his new home of Singapore.

Jeffrey Teo

General Manager

Jeffrey is behind most of the management and operational tasks at B1G1, which essentially means he has his very capable fingers in lots of pies. Being a spreadsheets guru, he adds a strategic edge to every element of our operations. On top of that, he manages the internal systems, so he is always eager to hear your thoughts and ideas about how B1G1’s systems can serve you better.

Hashima HassimPartnership Manager

Hashima came into B1G1 years back as a Client Delight team member. But to our surprise and delight, she revealed her exceptional talent in design and organisation. So now she’s involved in most of the creative work at B1G1– to enhance your joyful giving experience. She is also in charge of the Worthy Cause Partnership area, working with the Giving Board to ensure effectiveness and efficacy of the B1G1 Worthy Cause projects.

Ren Jean Chong
Marketing Manager

Ren Jean heads B1G1’s efforts to spread the word and inspire more businesses to become giving businesses. She is often the voice behind B1G1’s social media communications, the brain behind our digital marketing campaigns, and the smile behind the live chat on our site, to get deeply connected with people inside and outside of B1G1. She also champions various team outing and fun activities to keep the team’s spirit high.

Germaine Sng

Client Engagement Manager

Germaine is the Client Delight person at B1G1, and delight is what she does with her bright smile that welcomes each and every new business to the B1G1 community. She is the go-to person for all your enquiries about your B1G1 account, and the cheery voice that might spring you a surprise call to congratulate you when you hit certain milestones in your giving.

Jack Blenkinsopp
Partnerships Manager

Jack is head of Partnerships at B1G1. He loves connecting with current members, as well as businesses who are keen to learn more about the B1G1 Movement. Jack has an amazing ability to build connections and friendships with people from all walks of life. He also loves coffee. A lot.

Sharon Chan
Strategy Development Manager

Sharon came onboard with B1G1 after her outstanding performance as a superstar intern in 2014, and she upholds her reputation as a superstar Strategy Development manager and team member. She ensures that B1G1’s systems run smoothly with continuous innovation, and lends her logical mind to help all team members through their challenges. She also often wows the team with her lightning fast typing and her Rubik’s cube skills.

our board

Our Board is filled with talented individuals who have much to offer. They have diverse backgrounds and come from different corners of the globe, but all share a common belief: that we can create a better, happier world through giving.

Mickey (Tamaki) Tanaka

Tamaki — much more widely known as ‘Mickey’ — Tanaka is a corporate marketing professional who spent years in the US, got her MBA there and then now teaches marketing at the top university in Singapore. Despite that, she is no ordinary marketing specialist or academic. Mickey is a truly focused implementer who builds systematic processes that come from the real world. When she was looking for an NGO to serve using her skills, she fell in love with B1G1 and its unique model. Mickey was nominated to be President of B1G1 Giving by all other Board Members in March 2013 and now contributes to the strategic development of B1G1 – all because she had proven her amazing dedication, contribution and leadership by transforming many areas of B1G1 operations.

Paul Petruccelli

Vice President

Paul (Paul Petruccelli) is the ‘legal guy’ at B1G1 and he serves as the Vice President of B1G1 Giving Board. He writes B1G1 policies, checks our behavior and interrogates us. Paul worked as the Legal Counsel at Kraft Foods – the world’s biggest food company. He really knows what makes an organisation scalable or what future challenges we may face.

EK Pang


EK (his real name is Eng Khew Pang) worked at big companies like GE and Thomson as the accounting and operational advisor/manager for years. He always says “Others at B1G1 are the ones that care about people in need and do all the work. I only care about numbers and demand practical things,” with a warm smile. He will never let you get away with ANY discrepancy in your accounts. With EK as the Treasure at B1G1 Giving Board we know someone is always watching, never allowing us to compromise on our integrity.