We do what we do because…

We believed that if giving was made simple, convenient and truly impactful, every business and every person would want to give and make a positive difference in our world. And we imagined a new world:

Imagine every time you had a meal, a hungry child also receives a meal… Or imagine if every time you had a cup of coffee, someone received access to life-saving water… or imagine if every time you bought a book, a tree got planted…

We believe that small businesses and small everyday transactions can change our world when we come together through the sense of giving and caring. Belonging to B1G1 puts the ‘WHY’ back into businesses and brings back a sense of greater meaning and purpose. B1G1 let’s you create that joy and share it…habitually.

Masami’s Story

This is the amazing story that led to Masami’s founding of B1G1.

“Something really hit me… 5 years on, after all this hard work (of running my business), we were still in the same place. We started this company because we wanted to support children who didn’t have food and education. This was crazy. Even in 10 years time, we’d still be busy doing lots of things. We still wouldn’t be able to give back or take time off to help others.

The Buy1GIVE1 concept makes it possible for anybody to give back no matter what stage you are at, rather than trying to be successful and giving back as a result of success. Everybody can start with small giving. If it’s small enough to actually do it, we can do it today rather than waiting for tomorrow.”

The Beginning of Small: 18 minutes that transform your life

See how you can become part of a global business community that’s creating positive change

If you’re not a business owner, get involved as an individual or a charity partner of B1G1.


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