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First, a HUGE thank you

Specifically, a huge thank you for being part of the live event with me.

We covered a lot of ground. And now it’s time to take action on what you heard and experienced.

Here are some quick links for you to help you do exactly that.

Second, look at what we did at the event…..together


There were 10 people in the audience today. And because you were here, you (and everyone else too) enabled 17 children each to have access to a fantastic e-learning program to help them and their families get out of poverty. That’s 170 really great impacts we created together today. And you helped make that possible. Well done you!

And you can make that (and so much more) happen every time customers and prospects interact with you in your business once you’re part of B1G1: Business for Good. And it’s so easy to do too.


Join the movement



Become part of the giving business community.

When you become a B1G1 Business for Good, you and your team and customers make the world a better place too.





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