A great way to say Happy Birthday to Paul & Masami…

November is always extra special here in B1G1 because it’s both Paul and Masami’s birthday (Masami’s on 28th and Paul’s on 30th).

We asked Paul and Masami to select their favourite projects so that instead of presents, everyone could give to those projects.

We’d love you to join in the celebrations and support the projects below to increase the special impacts together. It’s a great way of saying ‘Happy Birthday’ and spread even more joy around the world.





One of the coolest birthday gifts I could imagine – access to light to study by. Awesome. Hope you agree and can give too!

Oh, and if you give at least 1000 ‘units’ to the project below, I’ll bring you on a virtual study tour with me to Cambodia in January 2017! I’ll drop you an email once the giving’s done to tell you how it works.

About the Virtual Study Tour by Paul...

Being on this Virtual Study Tour is kind of like being on my shoulder as we delve deeply into the projects visits during the live tour.

You’ll see and experience ‘stuff’ each day with raw footage coming straight to your computer at a time that’s convenient to you. You’ll be seeing things that the normal tourist simply would not see. And each day you’ll be getting new perspectives from people on the tour too — making it have real meaning in your world.

When you give at least 1000 people access to solar lamps ($0.04 x 1000), I will bring you on this wondrous virtual study tour journey with me. 





When I visited Cambodia for the first time, I was so surprised to learn that having a simple thing like a playground dramatically improves school participation rate. Please join me in building another colourful and fun playground in January 2017.

When you give 3 x the project below (giving 3 children access to the playground for their entire school life), I will send you a personalised picture from Cambodia.

About Masami's special gift for you...
My chosen project is to give access to a fun playground, and we will be building a playground during the B1G1 Study Tour 2017 to Cambodia. My “Birthday Giving Story” is this:

When you give three or more children access to a fun playground ($13.60 x 3), I will send you a special personalised photo dedicated to you from the school playground. You will remember how your contribution has transformed those children’s lives. Thank you for sharing the special opportunity with me.


 About the B1G1 Study Tour

  The B1G1 Study Tour to Cambodia in 2017 will be a live-changing event that really lets you experience the magic of Cambodia and its people by going deeper into the real life of people in Cambodia. We visit selected B1G1 Worthy Causes to let you truly understand the impact of your giving.

Leave your birthday wishes to Paul and Masami!

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