What's Happening | 2 MIN READ

New Feature: Profile Switching

The new Profile Switching feature is so much more than its name alludes to. It comprises four smaller (but equally significant) features, coming together to let you get more connected with your team, and your personal giving.

1. Switch between Personal and Business


From your business account, you can now switch to your personal B1G1 giving account. This allows you to create personal giving stories and save favourite projects, and to track your own personal giving separately from your company giving.

2. Assign Admin Access to your Team Members

You can now assign admin rights to specific team members. Granting your team members administrator rights will allow them to access your company’s main account from within their accounts, and give on behalf of your company’s main account.

3. Receive Company Notifications (For Employee Accounts)


From this same page, you can allow specific team members to receive company notifications. This will also allow them to get copies of Giving Receipts.

Employee users who have been granted admin access will see this new option in their profile dropdown.

4. See who added to the giving cart


Now that your team members can access your main account and give on behalf of your company, we’ve also enhanced the Giving Cart to show which team member have added items to the business giving cart.

We hope that these new features allow everyone in your team to feel more deeply connected to your company’s giving activities. Please email us at [email protected] with any comments, questions or concerns.